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3 Key Things To Remember When Renovating Your New Home

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Home really is where the heart is. 

So why settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your living space? 

Renovation gives a chance for you to start afresh and make your mark on a property, and interior design is a great opportunity to express yourself. 

By investing in your living space, your home becomes not simply a place to live but a reflection of you. And whether you’re freshly moved into a brand-new space or looking to spruce up your humble abode of twenty years, these expert tips will help you give your place a little extra love. 

1. Make an entrance 

Everyone wants to make a good first impression. That’s why it’s important to consider the type of reception your exterior gives to friends, family, and even postmen who come to your door. 

Make sure your home makes a statement by investing in your front door. Oakwood Doors have a number of sleek selections to suit a range of tastes, and your brand-new door will make a real talking point across the neighbourhood! 

A brand new door can also give a new lease of life to your interior design, making it a great shortcut to spruce up any room. 

2. Show off!  

Your tastes are unique to you and deserves to be showcased in your home. 

And whether you find your inspiration stalking your favourite celebs on Instagram or scrolling through Pinterest, it’s great to have a one-of-a-kind style to project into your home. 

So instead of copy and pasting the same interior design tropes, incorporate your own unique flair into your décor instead. Whether it’s a map or your new (or old) hometown or a movie poster of your favourite flick, these are the touches that will personalise your space. 

Interior design comes in many forms and styles – perhaps minimalism is a bit of you, or maybe you opt for more eclectic maximalist tastes. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to combine these unique elements to distinguish your sacred space! 

To get a feel for what works (and what doesn’t!), why not check out online house tours from the likes of Architectural Digest.

3. Fun but functional 

This season’s flair is all about statement pieces for everyday life. 

So while you want pieces that complete the look of your home, remember that practicality is of the utmost importance in your furnishing. A great storage system serves the joint purposes of keeping your space tidy, prevent things being lost and fallen over, and with the right look, can complement the rest of your furniture, too! 

For furniture which strikes that sweet spot between functional and fashionable, Ikea is a well-recognised go-to for a reason, with a wide range of colours and designs that will last in your living space. 

Don’t neglect your staircases either. Your stairs are a pivotal part of your home and are frequently used on a daily basis, so don’t forget to let your style shine through. Hang shelves, posters, and photos along your stairs to add some extra flare to your interior design. You could even go one step further and take a look at installing some new stairs in your home by having a look at some of the staircases Glasgow company, Abbot-Wade, specialise in. Whether you’re into classic decor, or you want to turn your living space into a contemporary dream house, your staircase will play a huge part in the overall aesthetic of your home.

These are just three simple tips for home renovation. 

Have you recently given your home a sprucing up?

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