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The Benefits of Drama Classes in Schools

*Collaborative post.

Drama in school to help your children learn and develop important skills that will come in useful in their adult lives. To bring to light some of the benefits of drama classes, I’ve collaborated with an independent prep school in London to bring you this list of just some of the advantages of studying drama in schools. 

group of people sitting on chair on stage
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Building Confidence 

Drama class allows your children to engage with a playful and creative side of their personality. It sometimes means performing live, and that requires a great deal of confidence, something which doing drama can help build. The active sessions that make drama classes can truly build your children’s self-esteem. 


Working in drama is often a collective experience, one where children work together much more than in other subjects. The level of cooperation that is needed to do well in the subject will allow your children to see how well they work in teams, leading to them learning a lot about teamwork along the way. 

New Friendships 

Working so closely with their classmates can lead to tighter bonds of friendship. If your child becomes really passionate about the subject as well, they are likely to find very like minded people amongst others in the class who love the subject. 

Self-Expression & Emotion 

Drama requires students to get more in touch with their emotions, and therefore they will gain a better understanding of how to manage their own emotions as they learn how to portray them in an acting capacity. The expressive nature of drama will also allow your children to explore more creative ways to express themselves, as well as making them a more empathetic individual as they come to be more aware of other people’s feelings. 

Physical Development 

With the exception of PE, drama is probably the subject at school that inspires your kids to be active. Therefore, it helps your children’s physical development, by helping them do some exercise, as well as learn more about how they can use their bodies to express themselves. 

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