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4 Things You Will Need At Your Wedding Party

A wedding is described as a ceremony that binds you and your partner in association; however, there is more to your special day than the formal gathering. Your guests will need to eat and then spend the rest of the day unwinding at the reception. As the evening goes on, this reception starts to evolve into a party, but these festivities can end early if you are not prepared.

It doesn’t take a lot to kick off your wedding party, so read on to find out what you will want to include.

brides holding white bouquet of roses
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You and your partner will cherish your posed photos for the rest of your life, but this isn’t the only memory you will want to keep. The wedding party is probably the only time that everyone you care about is in one place, so why not make the most of it with an Oxford wedding photographer.

Keeping a wedding photographer around during the reception provides hundreds of photos of your guests having a great time. You should look into Oxford wedding photographer Tom Wood Photography, who cancan switch styles to capture a more relaxed atmosphere of your wedding reception, while still taking professional photos during the ceremony. This gives you the best of both worlds.


A common debate that will arise between couples planning a wedding is whether to hire a band or a DJ. A band is often considered formal, and these instrumentalists can play slower tunes when it is time for your first dance and then speed things up by playing something that everybody loves.

Unfortunately, wedding bands can run out of stamina which means that your wedding party might lose steam before the night is out. That is why you should keep a DJ on hand for the evening. They can play a variety of dance tunes that are difficult for a band to perform, and guests can make recommendations.


You do not want your evening to end just because the sun has gone down. In fact, you can use the night to your advantage by introducing fireworks or sparklers to proceedings. You can use these tools to introduce the party phase of your wedding, bringing out your guests for one loud celebration. Plus, young kids are going to begin to flag at this time, so giving them something like this to focus on will keep them interested for a little while longer.


The wedding breakfast is supposed to fill you up for the rest of the day; however, the results of this meal will fade the further you get into the evening. Also, your guests may require food to combat the amount of alcohol they have consumed throughout the day.

You don’t have to make it special but including some more food during the party is always welcome at a wedding reception. You can set out a buffet, or even book a food van if you are feeling adventurous. Just make sure you have enough fuel to keep your guests on their feet.


Your wedding party is just as important as the rest of your special day, so make sure you don’t neglect it. Follow the advice above to give your guests the best time possible.

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