5 Different Styles of Jewellery Box

For as long as humans have been walking on two legs, we have been adorning ourselves with all manner of baubles and trinkets. Because of this, we have centuries worth of jewellery box styles that are beautiful and interesting. Today, we’re going to check out just 5 styles of jewellery box that are worthy of consideration for keeping your most special gems safe and sound.

Let’s check it out.

1. Glass

We’ll start with glass, since it’s one of the most recent additions to popular jewellery storage. Glass jewellery boxes, typically made in geometric shapes, are a modern style of jewellery box that has recently become hugely popular. Usually, these boxes have a felt bottom, meaning that the jewellery is cushioned on one side.

If you move your jewellery box around a lot – if you travel for example – this is not the best style for you, as the harder glass sides can cause scratching and other damage to your jewellery. The big benefit of the glass jewellery box, however, is that you can clearly see what you have stored away. Those of us with lots of jewellery will benefit greatly from being able to easily identify what is stored where.

2. Wood

You could call this the classic jewellery box style, since wooden jewellery boxes are among the oldest styles of jewellery storage. One of the best things about wooden jewellery boxes is their diversity. Wooden jewellery boxes are made in a big range of styles, often with lots of carving and other ornamentation.

Although you can’t see which jewellery you have stored in the box, and they are typically too heavy to be portable, wooden jewellery boxes are exceptionally sturdy. As well as this, if they are made with felt-lined sections, your jewellery will be very safely kept. The best wooden jewellery boxes have multiple separate sections, allowing you to sort your jewellery to avoid entanglements and other damage.

3. Silver

The silver jewellery box is a beautiful style of box that could make anyone feel refined and elegant. The antique silver jewellery box comes in a lot of styles, much like wooden jewellery boxes. There are highly-decorative pieces with lots of ornamentation, and there are minimalistic designs that you’d never guess were so old.

The purity of silver makes it highly unlikely to serve any damage to your jewels, and most of them are felt-lined to increase the safety of your pieces. One of the best things about a silver jewellery box is that the box itself is a piece of art as well as the jewellery inside, and so you can display it knowing that it only adds to the décor.

4. Musical

A very old-fashioned and quaint design, the musical jewellery box is an especially nice design for children and young teens. With these boxes, the design typically includes a dancer of some kind – often a ballerina – who appears when the box is opened. While the box is open, the dancer spins to the tune of a gentle tinkling lullaby.

These boxes have hit hard times in recent years, with too many horror films relying on them to create an air of fear and anticipation. It’s long past time that they had a redemption arc; they are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship that deserve to be appreciated for their beauty and intelligent designs.

5. Travel

The last type of jewellery box we’ll look at today is the travel jewellery box. Intended for holding fewer items that you want to keep close while you’re on the road, travel jewellery boxes are often made with softer materials. Travel cases have become more popular in recent years, since their overall design has improved massively.

Their insides are usually lined with something soft enough that your jewellery is not at risk of damage, and having the sides be softer means that as your things jumble around on your travels, your jewellery box is not likely to break your jewellery. Travel jewellery cases are light and practical, but typically too small and not sturdy enough for long-term jewellery storage.

There are lots of ways to store jewellery today. The boxes don’t begin to cover it, with stands, wall-mounted containers, armoires and more. Many of us have special jewellery, whether it was a significant gift or purchase, or something inherited from someone important. Keeping that jewellery safe is essential – which style of jewellery box is your favourite?

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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