5 Fun Ways to Move Your Body

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Fitness and wellbeing are hot topics as everyone scrambles to become the best version of themselves. But here is the thing, exercising can be very boring, and this is why many people give up on their fitness goals. However, it is possible to make fitness fun again, so whether you’re looking for tap dance lessons or you’re interested in diving back into the swimming pool, here are some fun ways to spice up your routine.

Dance Class

Dancing might look pretty but it is tough. Dancing requires a whole range of skills that can be difficult to master. The physical movements can be complex and the mental task of remembering the correct moves. It doesn’t matter what type of dance that you choose, they all require these basic skills. However, the different dance styles will have a different effect on your body and will require different levels of effort. Ballet requires incredible strength and dexterity, as well as the appropriate clothing to protect your body, such as ballet shoes and nude dance tights. Ballroom dancing requires patience and a dance partner. Your choice of dance will be dependent on your current fitness level but there is no reason why you can’t start off at the easiest level of dance and work your way up.

Pretend Play

Having fun should be the focus of your fitness routine as it can help make your sessions go easier. Nobody likes doing something that they hate, but when your fitness goal is tried up with burpees and squats, it can be hard to keep the motivation going. Trying superhero workout or imagining that you are an action star can help make those reps a bit easier. A lot of the biggest movie stars are leaking workouts so that you can train like Captain America or Catwoman. If you explore these workouts, you might be surprised how close they are to what you are doing.


Swimming is one of those underrated exercises that burn a ton of calories and you don’t realise it. Not only are you burning calories as you move against the resistance of the water, your entire body is supported in the water too. This means that it is difficult to injure yourself as you are exercising. Don’t get us wrong, it is still possible to hurt yourself when you are swimming, it is just a bit harder to do it in water. Around 30 minutes of swimming burns roughly 250 calories, so it is a pretty intense workout. There is also something beautiful about being in the water which is relaxing too.

Horse Riding

Have you ever been horse riding? If you know anything about horses, it is that they are sensitive animals that are known for helping people through times of emotional distress. So what does this have to do with working out? It has everything to do with working out. Horse Riding is an intensive workout that works most parts of your body, mainly the bottom half. If you head out horse riding once a week, you will experience massive mental and physical benefits every time you go riding. Thankfully, you don’t need to buy your own horse as there are many stables that are happy to give riding lessons to everyone, even grownup beginners.


Maybe this one should be tucked away with swimming as they are both done in the water, but surfing is something else entirely. It is possible to go surfing in a pool  but this defies the point of what surfing is. Getting out into the open water and riding the waves of the ocean. Even if you are a beginner, the thrill of catching that first wave is extirating. In order to surf, you need to be able to swim as there is a lot of paddling involved. To get the most out of surfing, you need to be reasonably fit as it is a difficult sport. This is ideal if you are craving something different from your routine. 


Skating comes in many different forms, and we see no reason why we shouldn’t pop them altogether. Ice skating has a reputation of being delicate and fancy after the countless routines of dancing on ice have graced our televisions. Rollerblading, the wheeled alternative, invokes visions of teenagers grinding on metal poles and performing tricks while jumping off ramps. Both are completely right but also completely wrong. Anyone can do either form and it starts as simply as using your legs to move. If you feel the need to perform a dance routine or some extreme stunts, we won’t judge you. However, if you fancy something that is a bit extreme and generally open to women, have a look and see if your local roller ring has a derby.

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