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5 Signs A Marriage Has Run It’s Course

Marriage is often a thing that brings two people together forever, or it can further test a relationship and lead to a breakup. It’s hard to predict which marriages end up in divorce and which ones go on for the rest of the couple’s natural life, but one thing is for certain – it happens!

If you’re worried about your marriage, then there are a number of tell-tale signs that might be a good indicator. Here are five signs that a marriage has run its course and is likely to lead to a divorce in the near future.

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You argue over everything

Arguing over everything can feel like it’s a part and parcel of marriage, along with all the challenges that come with it. However, if you’re bickering over every little thing then it’s something that’s worth questioning.

Arguing over everything is likely going to leave you both in a bad mood, which is not something you want when it comes to your happiness in marriage. It might be that certain habits are getting to you or that your arguments are over something so trivial, yet you’re both willing to pick fights over it.

Question why the arguments are happening and how you could potentially tackle this in a healthy manner before giving up.

You’ve thought about life without them

Thought about your life without them? If you’re daydreaming about someone else in your life or you’ve considered a life without your spouse, then this might be an indicator that something is wrong.

When it comes to family law, it’s often a case that divorces happen because of a breakdown that’s resulted from a variety of factors. However, if you find yourself actively thinking about your life without them and you can see your life without them, then you might not love them as much as you did when you made those vows in front of your family and friends.

You never spend any time together alone

Spending time together is just as important when you’re newly married as it is when you have a household of kids that are taking up all your time.

When you spend time together, you’re actively working positively on your relationship. You’re still required to put in the hours to spend with your significant other. After all, the romance doesn’t stop once you’re married or you have kids.

Putting in the time is what helps ensure you keep the marriage alive. If you’re never spending any time together alone, then that doesn’t sound good.

The trust is gone

Trust is something that any relationship needs and oftentimes, when that trust is gone, there’s no getting it back. Whether one or both of you have broken each other’s trust previously or recently, it might not be possible for a reconciliation of any kind.

There’s no longer that spark

Finally, be sure to check if there’s a spark that remains or not. It might be that the spark that was once there when you got married, is no longer in existence. 

With these tips, it’s important to know when you might be in a loveless marriage or one that could be repaired. Every marriage is different after all.

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