Top 5 Essentials For The Perfect Cozy Autumn Night In at
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Top 5 Essentials For The Perfect Cosy Autumn Night In

I can’t be the only person who thinks the best thing about Autumn is snuggling up at home and enjoying a nice cosy night in. After a long and busy day, a slightly soggy school run or freezing commute home from work, sometimes coming home and wrapping up warm, sipping hot chocolate and lazing out in front of the TV is the perfect pick me up.

Here is my list of absolutely essential things that really make a nice cosy Autumn night in the ultimate pick me up after a long, hard and chilly day.

Top 5 Essentials For The Perfect Cozy Autumn Night In at

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1 A big, fluffy blanket

I may be a little bit obsessed with being “snuggled” – I love wrapping up in a big, fluffy blanket and cocooning myself in all it’s warm, cosy glory. Whether it’s a nice handmade woolly blanket your granny made, a bargain from IKEA, a super soft throw or an old thing you’ve had for years – wrapping up is the first step to warming up and relaxing. Here are a few comfy ones I’ve got my eye on. As you can see, I like my blankets fluffy!

2. Scented Candles

It’s probably a very cliched item to suggest, but that, in a way, just proves how great scented candles really are! Before you get too comfy in your blanket, light a few scented candles and let the beautiful scents relax you. You don’t have to break the bank either – I love these Home Inspiration candles from ASDA, they’re made by the same people who make Yankee Candles!

If you really are a ‘true’ Yankee Candle fan, don’t forget you can buy selection packs! There are plenty of scents to choose from and you can even get them in beautiful gift wrapped boxes. Personally, I LOVE a good Yankee Candle and think that they’re a hard brand to match!

3. Hot Chocolate

An Autumn/Winter staple! You can’t get through the next few months without drinking a few hot chocolates. Warm your hands on a nice warm mug of chocolatey goodness – throw on some whipped cream, marshmallows and a flake for extra luxury. If you fancy really treating yourself, Whittard’s do an amazing selection of hot chocolate flavours.

4. Comfy PJ’s

If it was socially acceptable to live my life wearing nothing but my beautiful collection of PJs, that’s definitely what I would do. Unfortunately, it does seem to be frowned upon…but not for our cosy night in – oh no! In fact, I highly recommend some PJ’s for the ultimate comfy experience. I am a huge Boohoo fan and so I love getting comfy PJ’s from their website. I also think that ASOS offers a good range of come pyjamamas to relax and lounge around in.

5. Bath Bombs

The last Autumn essential on the list is, of course, bath bombs! Nothing is more cosy and relaxing than having a nice bubbly bath just before bed. When I think of bath bombs, I automatically think of Lush; if you fancy treating yourself, here’s their bath bomb collection.

I also love the look of these fun bath bombs found on Amazon. The Butter Loop bath bomb looks incredible!

There you have it, my

Top 5 Essentials For The Perfect Cosy Autumn Night In

What are you favourite essentials that really make the ultimate Autumnal night in for you? I’d love to hear your favourites in the comments!

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Top 5 Essentials For The Perfect Cozy Autumn Night In at

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