A Guide to Learner Driver Insurance

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Becoming a learner driver is the dream of many people turning 17; however, it doesn’t matter what age you learn to drive; you need to understand learner driver car insurance. The good news is that while you were in the car with a certified driving school, your insurance is covered, you also won’t need to pay for things like diesel or petrol. A learner driver will need at least 47 hours of road practise with a professional driving school before they are submitted for the test. These are the guidelines from the driving standards agency, who also suggest 20 hours of independent practice are required.

Access to a Car

Obviously, for the independent practice, you will need some form of learner driver insurance. The other thing you will need to establish is which vehicle you are going to use. If you plan on using a parent or relative’s car, you must be added to the insurance policy as a named driver. If you have your own vehicle but still hold a learner drivers license you will need temporary learner driver insurance to be able to practice. Unsurprisingly whichever route you choose the premiums can be costly although it may be slightly cheaper to be named as a learner driver, but you need to exercise caution as in the event of an accident, because you are a learner driver the insurance company will penalise the relative by removing their no claims discount. This is because they are ultimately responsible for you; a learner driver must always be accompanied by someone who holds a full license and has a certain amount of experience, and you are considered high risk. And if you ever met with a car accident, make sure you know what your rights are and what you do at that time. If you have suffered a serious personal injury in Miami, llame 1-800-Injured hoy.

How Does Learner Driver Insurance Work?

As mentioned in order to practice as a learner driver you must be accompanied by a fully qualified driver they must be 21 years or older and have held their own full driving license for at least three years. You must hold a UK provisional driving license; no certified driving school would have taken you as a client unless they have seen proof of your driving license. Sometimes the insurance company will require ever supervising driver to be over 25, and other restrictions can be added at their discretion. This can sometimes be the size and value of the car you are planning to drive, as there is no need for a learner driver to be in a high-performance sports car. Unlike for insurance policies, learner driver insurance does not need to run for a year; in fact, in some cases, you can pay by today whereas others will require you to have a seven-day minimum. The insurance has to be fully comprehensive which is another reason why it cost so much, however, if you are prepared to install a BlackBox, which will monitor your driving, you can bring the premium down. If you are using your own car, the black box will serve you well once you have a full license and need your first set of proper insurance.

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