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Lukeosaurus And Me is a family lifestyle blog which began in December 2013. At the time, Luke was only 4 months old and I found myself a 21 year old single mum having broken up with Luke’s dad. As a consequence of the relationship breakdown, I lost all my friends and felt that Luke and I were alone in the world. I suffered badly from untreated PND, which ultimately led to Lukeosaurus And Me being created as it offered me a way to share a little bit of my parenthood journey with others who could relate.

From there, family life has grown and now I am engaged with 2 children and a gorgeous little house rabbit called Luna. My blog has also grown from strength to strength and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands and fellow bloggers on campaigns that I am really passionate about. If you’d like some more information on how I can work with you, have a look at my Work With Me page. 

About Me.

My name is Rachael. I’m a 27 year old mum to two children – Luke, 6 and Oscar, 1. I’m engaged to be married and live just outside of London on the Surrey and Hampshire border. I am currently a stay at home mum blogging full time. Being able to look after my kids and work from home is a brilliant feeling but requires a lot of extra organisational skills I otherwise wouldn’t have ever developed! When I’m not writing or taking photos, I will most likely be found with my nose in a book or baking some delicious treats in the kitchen with my biggest boy.


Luke is my oldest son and has just turned 6. He’s confident, friendly and loves to be involved with everything that we do. He is always brimming with enthusiasm which means no matter what we’re up to, we always have a brilliant time. Currently Luke is massively into Pokemon (just like everyone else!), running – he takes part in our local Junior Parkrun every Sunday and his absolute favourite activity is having free reign of the craft box.


Oscar was born at the end of July 2019 and every day he brings us all so much joy. He’s a very cheeky, confident baby who will smile and wave at anyone and everyone. He is a big fan of his food and enjoyed the benefits of baby led weaning. He loves a good crawl about in big, open spaces and his bed time bath is probably his favourite time of the day.


Mikey is also 27 and a brilliant step dad to Luke and Daddy to Oscar. He works full time in the automotive industry and is interested in all things cars! He also loves to cook, play with the kids and teach Luke “the way of the force” (aka, they watch Star Wars together a lot!)

I write about our life as a family – the ups and the downs – as well as some more personal struggles that I deal with concerning mental health and motherhood. As a family unit, we enjoy and really value spending quality time together. It doesn’t matter to us whether we’re gallivanting through a theme park or huddled round the coffee table playing board games. Mikey and I want to ensure that our kids have the type of childhood they can look back on with a smile and hopefully even recount stories to their own children one day.

If you want to follow our journey, get recommendations and reviews for local attractions in the Surrey/Hampshire area and entertain and occupy your children cheaply, this is the blog for you! You can subscribe to our newsletter which will ensure you never miss a post.


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