Birthday Gift Ideas For 4 Year Old Boys

When it comes to buying birthday presents for children, there’s a lot of toys, clothes, and other merchandise to choose from. From fun toys that encourage children to play outdoors more often, to cuddly plushies for snuggling at bedtime. I always try to get as many practical presents as possible when purchasing for my children’s birthdays, as well as throwing in a few things just for fun. If you’re looking for birthday gift inspiration for boys turning 4, take a look at the gift ideas below. 

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Ace Of Play Scooter

Scooters make such brilliant presents for kids! Not only are they extremely fun to use, but they also encourage children to partake in lots of outdoor play. My kids use their scooters every day on the way to and from school, or whenever we’re going on a long dog walk. I’m really not sure what I would do without them! Scooting is a great form of exercise for children and it helps them to develop good hand-eye coordination and balancing skills. The Ace Of Play 3 Wheel scooter from is a fabulous choice for those looking to purchase a sturdy, good quality scooter for 4 year old boys. With 3 wheels instead of two, the Ace Of Play scooter is easy for children to ride and features intuitive steering that requires the child to lean, as opposed to turning the handlebars. This is much easier for smaller children to get used to. The wheels on this scooter are also fitted out with LED lights that are powered by the scooter’s movement! 

Colour In Placemat

Kids love colouring in. It’s a brilliant way for children to express their creativity and teach them valuable fine motor skills that are vital in school. Paper colouring books are fun, but why not take things a step further? Eat Sleep Doodle has taken colouring to the next level and created a huge variety of items that can be decorated by your child, and then washed to create a blank canvas once more. For birthday boys, a brilliant suggestion from the Eat Sleep Doodle website is the Colour Your Own Dinosaur Place Mat. These colouring-in placemats come in their very own tote bag, with 10 washable colouring pens. To start again, all you need to do is pop it in a warm wash to remove the pen marks.

Personalised Story Book

I’m a firm believer that at least one present every birthday and Christmas should be a book – and that doesn’t just go for kids! I absolutely love personalised books because, as a parent, it’s so wonderful to watch your child’s eyes light up when they realise that they’re part of the story! I found some beautiful personalised Name-O-Saurus books from that look right up my street. The story is set during the time of the dinosaurs and the personalised element makes the main character in Dino Land a little book version of your child. 

Minecraft Goodies

These days it seems everyone is Minecraft mad; 4 year olds are no exception! I’ve found some seriously cool Minecraft goodies that would make perfect gifts for any birthday boy who’s crazy about Minecraft.

Minecraft Snapback 

First up, we have this super cool Minecraft Snapback*. I love the design of this hat, plus it’s adjustable at the back to fit small children and even teenagers. This is also official merchandise, so you know it’s going to be a good quality gift for your birthday boy.

Minecraft Plushies

My 4 year old still loves a good plushie toy. He loves going to sleep with his Build A Bear dinosaur and giant snake, so I’m sure that he’d also totally love a Minecraft plushie to cuddle up with as well. There are lots of Minecraft Plushies to choose from, but in particular, we’re big fans of Steve in this house. The Minecraft pig, fox, and creeper plushies are also super cute and cuddly. 

Minecraft Magnet Set

My last Minecraft inspired gift is this brilliant Minecraft Magnet Set*. At only £5.99, this bumper set of magnets is brilliant for children who want to build their very own Minecraft world! Featuring 80 magnets, including Steve, Alex, and the infamous Creeper, these magnets can be used to create limitless scenes. 

Children’s Camera

Lastly, this 12MP children’s camera* comes with a 32GB memory card making it an ideal gift for children who love to take pictures and videos. There are loads of great features on this camera, from the long battery life, to the list of frames and effects that can be added to images stored on the camera. Not only does this camera take pictures and shoot 1080P video, but it also has 4 puzzle games included that children can play to keep them entertained. 

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