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Review: Red For Revenge, Fanny Blake

Red For Revenge, written by Fanny Blake, is not the type of book I would usually pick up in a shop to read, or probably even notice. However, In a bid to boost my ‘books I have read this year’ list on my Good Reads 2015 challenge, I thought a short and sweet book from the “Quick Reads 2015” list would be perfect. For a genre of book I’d usually ignore, I was pleasantly surprised!

Red For Revenege book review at
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This year, I took part in the Good Reads 2015 challenge and set myself the task of reading 30 books in 2015. Red For Revenge was a bit of a last minute purchase towards the end of the year as I desperately tried to make myself feel better about my abysmal book count.

Although it’s not my usual genre, I found myself in a nice hot bubble bath reading a very casual, light and upbeat story that required minimal effort or brain power. That might not sound very appealing to some, but for a busy mum, it provided with me the perfect escape – and after all, isn’t that the purpose of books?

The story is fairly straight forward: Maggie has been married to her husband Phil for 25 years and the spark has died. During a visit to a new beauty salon she received a voucher from her husband for, she meets a woman named Carla. Carla is a widow and the two women hit it off immediately. Unfortunately, as conversation progresses, the two women come to the realisation that they’re both with the same man – Maggie’s husband, Phil.

This short story chronicles the tale of a very unlikely, but extremely supportive and positive friendship, some good old fashioned revenge and the blossoming transformation of an almost defeated woman.

I would recommend Red For Revenge to any woman who’s looking for a quick, relaxing read. It’s perfect for hot summer days and would make an excellent addition to the holiday reading list. At only £1, you can’t really go too far wrong! This is the first book by Fanny Blake that I’ve read, but I’d be interested in picking up a few of her others as I liked the laid back, casual writing style.


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