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Book Review: Naked Heat(Nikki Heat #2) – Richard Castle

I’m a huge fan of ABC’s witty crime drama, Castle. I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with the crime solving double act that is Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and best selling mystery-crime author Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion). So when I discovered that the novels that brought the two together in the show were to be actually written and published, I was ecstatic.

Naked Heat (Nikki Heat #2) Richard Castle review @gloryiscalling

Last year I read the first instalment of the Nikki Heat series – Heat Wave (Nikki Heat Series, Book One) – written by “Richard Castle” (I mean, this fictional author even has his own website, the tie ins are really brilliant!) I absolutely loved everything about and it could instantly connect the book to the TV show. When I came across Naked Heat (Nikki Heat Series Book Two) in my local library, I knew I had to read it.

As I briefly mentioned, reading these novels is a real treat due to the tie ins the books have with the crime drama, Castle. If you’ve ever read fan fiction (I know, you either love it or you hate it), I suppose it’s a bit like that…by which I mean, the characters in the Richard Castle novels are based on the characters in the show and, therefore, as an audience, you are instantly able to relate to them. Although Naked Heat is essentially fanfiction (no one has fesses up to being the real author – it kind of adds to the mystery), this book reads a lot more like an actual novel – the character’s have a bit more depth to them than they did in the first instalment, the story flows well, the plot was good and the bad guy wasn’t obvious.

In the books, instead of Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, we are presented with Nikki Heat (NYPD’s top homicide detective) and Jameson Rook (successful magazine writer and author) and also Raley and Oacha (NYPD Homicide Detectives) – affectionately known as the tag team ‘Roach’. ‘Naked Heat’ is a brilliantly put together mystery novel that unravels at a pleasingly steady pace. The murder of infamous gossip columnist, Cassidy Towne, leads Nikki and co on a journey across the city and into the lives of some of NY’s finest – a Yankees pitcher and his management, a sassy pop star and even said pop stars deceased ex boyfriend – famous actor. As it turns out, Cassidy Towne had a little something on everyone.

As the story unravels, multiple murders occur, Heat and Rook find themselves in some sticky situations, there are a few twists and turns, a tantalisingly close confession that never quite happens and in the end, everything is wrapped up nicely.

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed the second instalment of the Nikki Heat series and would recommend to anyone interested in reading books associated with TV shows. It’s for the fan girls and fan boys.

If you’re looking for a mystery novel that’s full of in depth descriptions and very gritty conditions – this is not the book for you. Naked Heat takes on a more light hearted tone, full of inside jokes and insider knowledge that all Castle fans will instantly recognise.

As a huge fan girl myself, I gave Naked Heat (Nikki Heat #2), Richard Castle a 5 out of 5 on Good Reads.

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