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Design Your Child’s Private Space & Here’s how?

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When you want to create a small double bedroom child of 8-12 age group comes to mind, but when you wish to give the separate room to your kid at the age of 4 years, it is a correct decision, which they can use till their teenage & design the space according to their choice and needs. While selecting the room’s interior keeps the kid’s mood and personality in your mind because they spend lots of their time there. In this article, we will discuss the decorating ideas of the small double bedrooms to help you design your kid’s room effortlessly.

girl in red dress playing a wooden blocks
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1. Wall Paint

For changing the room design and styling it in a new way, painting the walls accurately is a good idea. When it comes to decorating the room for kids, please choose the color according to their gender.  Such as if you are designing the place of the girl, select colors like pink, green, yellow, violet, etc. On the other hand, if the room is for boys, use white, grey, off-white, blue, etc. You can also paint a 3D picture like a cartoon or any animated character on one of the walls to give a distinctive look to the room. 

2. Furniture

For renovating the kid’s room, the next step after the painting is changing the furniture, which should be according to the demand. It’s a children’s room, obviously a study table, and a chair is essential. These items should be according to the kid’s height to give them good posture while sitting. The chair and table should be easy, comfortable, and robust well, and putting a beautiful lamp on the table will help them study in the right amount of light. Set a book rack near the study table that makes the work easy for the children where they place their stuff related to the studies like books, bags, notes, etc. It’ll significantly make their study disciplined and develop a habit of caring for their belongings.

3. Rugs

Use designer rugs in Melbourne to enhance the room’s beauty and help the kids play and relax after a busy day. Put a soft and comfortable couch that allows the children to play or do activities in different parts of the day. Sofas or couches should be in contrast with other furniture. It’ll also provide a sitting space when your child’s friends visit his/her place. 

4. Bedding

The bed is the central part of any bedroom because children spend their favourite time in bed. A perfect sleep is necessary because the body repairs in the night and prepares the mind for the next day’s challenges. Usually, a small double bed of 4×4 size is used as it is big enough for 4-12 age kids. 

Use a fitted sheet instead of the top sheet because there is an excellent chance of unattaching the top sheet from the mattress. Fitted sheets are tightly fit on the mattress while playing and jumping on the bed. The sheets are never tangled and crumpled and also protect from liquid and dust or provide a good sleep. While selecting the small double bed sheet, choose soft, smooth, breathable, skin-friendly, and light-weighted. Some fabrics like cotton, flannel, Egyptian cotton, sateen, and jersey cotton are excellent options for the small double bedding. Beautiful colors, designs, patterns, and animated prints are available; they may be available at an affordable price and easy to wash at home. Try to select the bedding material according to the room’s theme that maintains the sequence and design.

5. Curtains

After a depressed, busy, and hectic routine, children come to their room that can feel relaxed, comfortable, and tension-free. They don’t want any noise and extra light while sleeping. Blackout curtains are the best option for their room because they control the outsides sound and light and give them a peaceful environment for sleeping. These curtains are also beneficial in every season. If you don’t want to hang the blackout curtain in the room and want to give a stylish and elegant look, heavy silk is the best option. Because it provides a soft and glowing look to the room, these are in 3D, animated, alphabetic, and floral prints.

6. Room plants

To give your children’s room a natural look puts a room plant in the place that purifies the air and absorbs many harmful chemicals in the air. It helps to create positive and calm vibes in the personality of the kids.  It keeps the kids near nature, and plant growth increases the curiosity level in the children.

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