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How To Shop Local For Perfect Gift Ideas

We have all had a tough time of it over the last year, but it’s important to spare a thought for our local businesses. Through lockdowns and opening restrictions, they’ve fought so hard to keep their shops, bars and restaurants afloat while dealing with all the stress and scares that the rest of us have had to handle on top of that. So, when you’re thinking about treating that special someone to something special this spring, why not go local? It may be a little while yet until we can sit in and have a drink or a delicious meal, but in the meantime, we’ve all made the extra effort to support out local shops. If you’re looking for great gifts from local businesses, here are some ideas to help you get started.

ethnic woman choosing shirt in room
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A Pamper Treatment At A Local Beauticians

We’re not going to lie, looking in the mirror (or looking into our reflected face in the zoom meeting) has not been the most inspiring thing recently. We could all use a little rest and relaxation, and we could most definitely do with a bit of pampering. If you want to treat that special someone in your life to feeling like they’re getting all their cares scrubbed away, have a look to see if any of the beauticians or salons in your local area are offering gift vouchers. We’re definitely going to be booking in a pamper day as soon as it’s safe, and we’re willing to bet you know someone who would love to be treated to one too.

Get The Best Of Local With A Giftbox

When we’re buying presents for our nearest and dearest, it can sometimes be a little tricky to pin it down to just one item. Sometimes people are just impossible to shop for, or you want to spice things up a little bit with some variety. Giftboxes have been such a wonderful way to show our friends and loved ones that we’re thinking of them over the past twelve months, a variety pack of treats and personalised items that can really brighten their day. They’re also a great way to support your local businesses, as sites like Bristol’s boxlocal brings together local food, drink and artisanal goodie makers to make the perfect giftbox. You can build your own or select a carefully chosen themed option, and a portion of every sale goes to a local charity. Head over to their site to browse their giftboxes and find out more about

Support Your Local Florist

We have all been guilty of leaving it a little late to pick up a bunch of flowers for that special occasion, but through lockdowns and other restrictions it’s been harder than ever to swing by the local florist to pick up the perfect bouquet. However, while it can be tempting to log on to one of the big online florist superstores for that special occasion, you can have a much more personalised experience by finding a flower shop near you. You’ll be able to have a much clearer idea of which flowers are in season and which ones are in stock, and you’ll know that you’re helping a local business to stay afloat in these difficult times. The UK has said it with flowers many, many times this year, and we certainly shouldn’t stop now!

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