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Ensuring Tyre Safety

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Tyre safety is becoming a common concern as more and more road fatalities are associated with tyre related issues such as smooth tyres or tyre burst. The consequences of not having the right pair of tyres can therefore prove to be serious for the driver as well as passengers. Continue reading to know what makes a tyre safe and how to ensure one is driving with safer tyres.

To have safer tyres means that your car tyres are the perfect fit for your vehicle in terms of size, and compatibility. Following points should be kept in mind to ensure tyre safety:

  1. Your car usually comes with a car manual that states the original tyre size your car came with. It’s always safe to continue buying tyres of the very same size.
  1. It is important to keep certain regular checks like checking your tyre pressure. Tyre pressures naturally decrease as air slowly bleeds through the tyre’s inner liner, which makes tyre maintenance a necessity.
  1. Make a habit to visually inspect your tyres and tyre tread surface to check if any screws, sharp metal or fractured glass may have penetrated.
  1. Always opt for buying brand new tyres as tread depth of second-hand tyres can be dangerously low. This may result in aquaplaning on wet roads. Also, with second hand tyres you will have no understanding of the age and repair history of the tyre, which can be extremely dangerous.
  1. Make sure that you buy or have your tyres perfectly fitted by a reputable outlet
  1. Make sure that you buy tyres of brands that follow the global measures of producing safe and quality tyres.

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