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Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery to Prep School

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If your child has recently moved from Nursery to Prep School, or they’re moving in the near future, they’re probably feeling a mixture of emotions from excitement to anxiety. There are lots of things that parents can do to help their little one with this transition.

Here are some of your options:

Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery to Prep School
  • Ensure your child has said “goodbye” properly to their nursery and everyone they knew there. If they don’t, they’ll find it harder to find closure and move on in a new place.
  • Encourage your child to join some activities and clubs to help them make new friends and form attachments with the school and community. Most schools have plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from, such as sports clubs or choir groups.
  • Get involved with school life so that your child knows they have your full support and interest. You could volunteer on the PTA, if you have time, or just invite some of the other pupils and their parents round to your house so that you can all make friends.
  • Use positive terminology when talking about your child’s new school and education as a whole. Essentially you want to try and get them excited about their new school as much as you can, so you could browse the website together and discuss all of the available opportunities. 
  • Answer any questions your child has about their new school and deal with any concerns they have as soon as you can. A lot of the time children worry due to fear of the unknown, so help them become as clued up as possible about the entire situation so that they know they don’t have to worry.
  • Give it time and try not to panic. It might not be a completely seamless transition and if you’re truly concerned, you can speak to the school, but your little one will eventually settle, you just have to be patient!

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  • Dean

    When my brother took his son to school, my nephew was bawling his tears out and doesn’t want to be left with his teacher and classmates, but after a couple of days, he got along with the others well.

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