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Top Tips for Making the Morning School Run Easier for Families

The morning school run can be tough if there’s no plan in place to help you get to school on time, with a dressed and ready child to start their day of learning. It can also spell a moment of carnage if you haven’t prepared, especially for kids going back to school on their first day, so it’s important to get right early on.

Here are some top tips this private girls school in Surrey recommends you try to make things easier in the mornings to get your child to school on time and reduce stress on parents.

Ensure you have embedded in the school routine

Children that know what they need to do each morning are going to be a lot easier to manage. If there’s a sense that they know what they need to do, and build on their skills early on, it’s a lot easier as they get older.

A good routine involves your child waking up at the right time, having their uniform out ready, and school bag packed. But it also means that your child needs to make time to eat their breakfast, brush their teeth and clean themselves if necessary.

Plan things in advance to build their skills

Lay out their shoes in the morning so they know where to go straight away. Have their food out ready to go in the morning but give them control of what they choose to eat. Ask your child questions before they go to bed about the things planned for the next day to ensure they’re not falling behind, like if they’ve finished any homework. Thinking ahead keeps your child prepared for the next day and beyond.

Try to keep your cool

We can all sense stress and it makes for a more uncomfortable environment. Children can get upset easily and will cause a fuss later on so it’s worth looking at ways to remain calm and focused on getting to school on time. Tantrums and other ways children get upset can really shape the day, so it’s important you don’t lose control.

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