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Hippy Paste Deodorant

I have to start by saying that for me, buying deodorant is expensive and, quite frankly, annoying as well as difficult. I suffer from very sensitive skin on my underarms, which means organic or as close to natural deodorant as I can possibly get, is my only option. Topped with my skins tendency to get all dark from all the added chemicals in high street brands it’s just a nightmare. Then I heard about Hippy Paste, a 100% natural organic deodorant made by Earth Conscious, that’s free from “nasties” like parabens, aluminium and toxins but still eliminates body odour. All this without harming your body or the environment.

Hippy Paste review & give away at http://lukeosaurusandme.co,uk @gloryiscalling #naturalbeauty #beatyproducts

The first thing you’ll notice is the packaging; Hippy Paste comes in a tin (perfect for holidays or camping) and is in the form of a solid balm. You apply the deodorant with you finger tips, the same way you’d apply lip balm. The heat from you fingers softens the deodorant enough to apply it to your underarms. This isn’t something many of us are used to, but it does mean you can control the amount you put on, and you really don’t need very much! I did wonder on my first use how much I’d need to use, but I got to grips with it pretty quickly. As well as lovely smelling arm pits (I’ve been using Lavender scented and also Tropical scented), your hands smell lush too!

The big test here however is, of course, longevity. No one wants to spend money on a deodorant that promises fresh pits for the whole day and then let’s you down half way through. I’m very pleased to say that over the last week, I’ve put the longevity of Hippy Paste deodorant to the test! We’ve been on long walks, we’ve been on some serious I’m-late-again power walks and done a few workouts that have definitely worked up a sweat. Thankfully, Hippy Paste deodorant survived them all. By the end of the day, my forever doting other half got the pleasure of administering “the sniff test” and he was obviously very pleased (and relieved) to say that my armpits still smelt fresh! This must be down to the organic essential oils used in the production of Hippy Paste, as opposed to the synthetic chemicals used to scent other brands.

Hippy Paste review & give away at http://lukeosaurusandme.co,uk @gloryiscalling #naturalbeauty #beatyproducts

The tin Hippy Paste comes in may be great for camping and holidays, but it’s also a pretty handy size to pop in your handbag, should you ever feel the need to freshen up during the day – the tin is also small and discreet. Once you’ve got to the end of your Hippy Paste, the tin is fully recyclable, as is the Earth Conscious way, and upon arrival, your order is sat safely in a Jiffy Green Postal Envelope. So many health and beauty products arrive in such fancy packaging, or in boxes three times bigger than the actual product, that I found it refreshing to find a company that uses their head and tries to minimises waste and care for the environment.

Hippy Paste natural deodorant is priced at £5 a tin from hippypaste.com and believe me, this is a seriously great price. Not only are you getting a cruelty free, organic and natural product (so natural that it is actually edible, although I wouldn’t recommend it), it also does (just be cheesy): ‘exactly what it says in the tin’ and lasts all day. Plus, if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the product lasts ages! I’ve been using Hippy Paste for a little while now and I’ve hardly made a dent in the balm. Hippy Paste comes in 6 different fragrances.

So with such a good quality and reasonably priced product, you’d be mad not to give it a go. I’ll be using mine until I run out and then I’ll be repurchasing from the Hippy Paste website.

For your chance to win a 60ml tin of Hippy Paste for free, just fill in the Rafflecopter widget below. Please remember to read the T&C’s before entering.


**I was sent this product in return for my honest review. All words and images are my own.

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