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Shredding For The Wedding: Hourglass Fit Dietary Supplements

*This is a collaborative post, however all words and opinions are my own.

More wedding content for you – this time it’s about losing weight before the big day. I posted previously about Shredding For The Wedding and how I’d ideally like to drop a dress size or two. I’ve looked at all sorts of high street wedding dresses, as well as higher-end wedding dresses and I have ended up settling with a style I really love – I just want it to fit a bit better!

I decided that for this mission, I needed all the help that I could get! Not only have I been exercising regularly using the Freeletics app and free YouTube videos, but I have also been taking charge of my diet and ensuring I get a well balanced, healthy set of meals each day. For that little extra push, I have also been taking Hourglass Fit dietary supplements 4 times a day.

Discovering Hourglass Fit Dietary Supplements

Until this summer, I had never taken any form of supplement that was intended to help manage cravings between meals or promote choosing healthier options. I’d always been worried about the effectiveness of such pills, the price and, if I’m quite honest, the ingredients. Blindly following the advice on a bottle and hoping for the best doesn’t seem like that best way of taking care of your health to me. 

I was introduced to Hourglass Fit earlier this year and was immediately intrigued when I discovered that they promote attainable, healthy weight loss for women. Upon researching in more detail, I was even more impressed when I found out that the ingredients are all sourced from natural sources and have no hidden nasties or side effects. I decided to take the plunge and try it for myself. 

Key benefits of taking Hourglass Fit dietary supplements.

So when I started taking these supplements, I was intrigued to see if a) they would actually do anything, b) if they’d boost my mental and physical wellbeing and c) if they’d improve my overall health thanks to the vitamin boost.

I was skeptical, I can’t lie. I wanted to believe that they’d help as I was so focused on achieving my dream wedding dress body and I was excited to try something new. I’m so glad that I convince myself to give these supplements a go as they’ve done wonders for my health! 

When I first started researching, I was impressed by the number benefits that Hourglass Fit boasts.

With so many benefits, I was excited to get started! Here are just a few key points that made me want to try out Hourglass Fit for myself.

  • Hourglass Fit has been designed for real women, with real weight related goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain, these supplements have been formulated to support your journey. 
  • The developers at Hourglass Fit understand that women need different health care to men and have ensured that their supplement helps women get that extra edge towards building their self confidence. 
  • There are no stimulants in the Hourglass Fit formula, which means no energy spikes or unexpected crashes. This was a really appealing factor for me as I was worried that if I forgot to take a supplement during the day, I’d start to feel sluggish and tired.
  • 3mg of Glucomannan is included in every serving of Hourglass Fit. Glucomannan is responsible for suppressing sugary snack cravings, and so with the recommended dose of 4 Hourglass Fit pills a day, you’re getting a full spectrum of healthy fat loss benefits, as well as a snack craving suppressant. 
  • The 5-HTP amino acid is also an active ingredient in Hourglass Fit supplements and studies have shown that this can potentially help boost your mood as well as suppress cravings. 
  • It’s gluten free and vegan friendly!

How I got on with Hourglass Fit

I was excited to get started with Hourglass Fit and started taking the supplement as soon as it arrived. According to the packaging, it’s best to take the supplement 4 times a day, so I decided to take one a little while before every meal and then before bed. This meant that I had round the clock support from my supplements, which definitely came in handy when it came to snacking! 

Encouraged healthier eating habits – which stuck.

I am usually pretty bad at eating regularly through the day and often find that I get really hungry around 4pm. Before the Hourglass Fit supplements, I would probably grab something on the way out of the door in the morning – a ‘healthy’ snack bar or a piece of toast. It turns out those snack bars aren’t really as healthy as I thought and knowing that I was taking Hourglass Fit supplements and wanting to get the most out of them, I decided to reassess my food habits. 

The supplements began life almost as an accountability checker. Did I eat well today? Because if I didn’t, the supplements aren’t just going to magically work – I need to put the effort in too! Over time, they became so much more than that. 

I started feeling more positive and happier.

The eating habits and adopting a more generalised healthier lifestyle soon became second nature and as the mood boosting effects of Hourglass Fit started to set in, I started to feel really good about my body and my choices. 

Hourglass Fit helped me to lose those extra stubborn pounds.

Eating healthily and exercising more regularly was obviously helping me to shed the pounds, however,  I have yo-yo’d with diet and exercise so much that I know my body only tends to lose 0.5lb – 1b a week, and that’s only if I really stick strictly to a healthy lifestyle. It’s actually been something that I have struggled to accept in the past and is usually the main reason I give up – why put so much effort into my weightloss journey when the reward was so small? 

Thankfully, with the help of Hourglass Fit, I was actually able to see a significant difference on the scales for once! Alongside making healthy choices and exercising, I was able to lose more weight than I was used to, sometimes losing 2.5lb – 3lb a week! This is truly inspiring for me and motivated me to continue going with my newfound lifestyle, rather than giving up after 3 or 4 weeks like I have done previously.

Why choose Hourglass Fit?

After trialing the Hourglass Fit dietary supplements, I can say that I am fully converted. I can see the difference that healthy eating, regular exercise and the natural health-enriching ingredients from Hourglass Fit has made! 

After one month of using Hourglasss Fit dietary supplements, I lost an entire stone (14lb) of weight! Compared to previous weight loss attempts where I averaged 7lb, my weightloss has literally doubled thanks to Hourglass Fit. 

The hunger suppressant Glucomannan in every dose really helps curb my cravings for snacks, and even when I have felt peckish, I have opted for healthier choices (such as fruit) and these have satisfied my hunger far more than they would have before.

The ingredients used by Hourglass Fit are all natural and are listed on their website and on the bottle of supplements. This is refreshing as so often supplement companies have hidden ingredients that they hide well on their websites, usually because they’re less desirable! Hourglass Fit has no nasties in it, it’s vegan friendly, gluten free, plus they contain no soy, fish, shellfish, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat or other allergens.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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