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So You Want To Start Playing Tennis – Here’s What You Need To Know

Now that spring is finally here and the days are sunnier and a little longer, it gives us the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy outdoor activities and sports a little more. Tennis has been ranked the 4th most popular sport in the world, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to find something new and exciting to participate in this year. 

Many sporting enthusiasts who want to try something new this year will be considering taking up tennis, however, the question that’s most frequently asked is this: how do you get started playing tennis? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that tennis is a challenging but extremely fun sport to get into, no matter your age or gender. With that being said, let’s take a look at everything you need to know if you want to start playing tennis, including tennis racquet shopping, learning the rules of tennis, and much more!

Equipment Needed To Play Tennis

Tennis Racket

First thing first, when wondering ‘how do you get started playing tennis?’ your mind will probably take you to the most important aspect first – the racket. Tennis Racquets come all many different sizes and weights, so the type of tennis racket you will need will depend on several factors, including your skill level and the type of player you want to become. The general rule of thumb is this: the wider the tennis racket, the easier it is for you to handle. It may be tempting to go straight into the sport with a racket that’s been designed for use by professionals, however, you will probably find that not only are you spending far more than is probably necessary, but you may also discover that you are unable to hit the tennis ball with much accuracy. To learn more about choosing the right tennis racket for you, head to TennisHQ for additional information and advice, as well as great deals on tennis equipment.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a very physically demanding game that requires the player to move around a lot, therefore having a good pair of supportive tennis shoes is a must. To avoid knee and hip injuries, find a pair of tennis shoes that have good cushioning and structural support. It’s also important to have a pair of tennis shoes that fit well. You don’t want to start playing, only to discover that you’ve got blisters after half an hour and you can’t play on. 

Tennis Balls

When asking yourself, how do you get started playing tennis?, it’s unlikely that you’ve thought much about the tennis ball itself. In fact, you’ve probably assumed that all tennis balls are the same, however, there are a few differences to consider. Regular pressure tennis balls are great for slower courts like clay and grass, whereas extra duty tennis balls can be used on hard courts that require more durability. There are even pressureless tennis balls for use in areas of high altitude. 

Of course, beginner adults will want to stick to using regular tennis balls and younger players will find it easier and safer to start with foam balls. 

Learn The Rules Of Tennis

You can’t learn to play tennis if you don’t know the rules! The basics of learning how to play tennis are pretty simple: keep the ball within the lines, don’t hit the net, don’t drop your racquet, and don’t let the ball bounce more than once. Remember to keep score – this is important in tennis due to the unique scoring system that helps to determine the winner, and whose turn it is to serve. 

How Do You Get Started Playing Tennis: Is Tennis Hard?

Tennis is considered a difficult sport to play due to the flexibility, hand-eye coordination and speed that is required to play well. However, the good news is that you can start playing tennis at any stage in life, whether you’re considering tennis lessons for your child, or you fancy picking up a raket later on in life. If your child shows immense potential, you may even wish to look at something like these Tennis academies in Spain as a way to really hone and challenge their skills. Tennis definitely has a hefty physical element, but it also requires some quick thinking and some tactical play. 

Final Thoughts On How Do You Get Started Playing Tennis?

Tennis is a great sport for all the family and it can be introduced as a fun sporting activity to play at a young age. Although casual gameplay is relatively easy to pick up, taking your tennis passion to the next level is significantly more difficult. To play at a professional level, you need to dedicate a lot of time to perfecting your gameplay style and ensuring you take the proper precautions to avoid injuring yourself. It is therefore advisable to join a local tennis club if you’re considering taking your passion for tennis to the next level.  

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