How to celebrate Valentine's Day when you're skint at

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Skint

Even though January seemed to drag of for 800 days, February still sneaked up on me a bit and I’ve realised that I’ve not got long to prepare for Valentine’s Day.

Now I know some couples ‘don’t do’ Valentine’s Day, and that is fair enough – each to their own! But I definitely do Valentine’s Day. Those grumpy cynics complain that Valentine’s Day is just another made up corporate event designed to force us into spending money when we don’t need to. I see that point of view, I really do! But as someone who has always been pretty skint and careful with her money, and even more so this year than last year thanks to us booking our first ever family holiday, I’ve learnt that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without being a big spender.

And just like some would argue that couples should just sack off Valentine’s Day and show each other how much they love their significant other all 365 days a year, that’s just a bit impractical, isn’t it? That thought process doesn’t take into consideration that relationships are tricky! They take effort. Humans need love, they need affection and sometimes they just need their egos stroked! Even more so if you’ve been together for a few years or children have come along. Sometimes, a little show of gratitude towards your other half is just what the doctor ordered and can help to revive the spark.

There’s no way I’d let Valentine’s Day fly by without doing something for my other half.

After all, he puts up with me, he’s a stepdaddy to my crazily energetic 5 year old and he works his blooming socks off 6 days a week to support us all. As a man, as a dad and as a boyfriend, he deserves to know he’s loved and appreciated. Without him, where would we be? And equally, I think I deserve a little extra love too.

So we have been discussing ways to spend Valentine’s Day together without having to spend any (or much) money.

We’re really trying to save up for some exciting 2019 and 2020 plans and have been taking big steps to change the way we’re living. I recently read this blog post: 5 Frugal Ways To Save Money And Be Eco-Friendly At The Same Time which inspired me not only to save money but be mindful of our environment too. We are saving up for all these nice holidays and trips away, but what’s the point if we’ve ruined our favourite getaway locations?

My boyfriend fancies himself as a bit of a guitarist, so one of the things we really enjoy doing together is having a little jamming session. I used to be able to play a few songs back in the day, but since having Luke, I just didn’t have the time and now I’ve forgotten nearly everything I know. Luckily, Mikey is the talented one with all the guitar gear and pedals – he knows what he’s doing! For us, there’s nothing quite like spending some quality time, laughing, singing and learning new things together. I actually really want to buy a bass guitar sometime soon. I’d love the opportunity for us to both have something that’s completely new to us that we can learn together.

We came up with a few ideas for Valentine’s Day and although we’re not 100% on what we are going to do, I thought I’d share a few of our ideas, as well as some other brilliant blogger’s Valentine’s Day suggestions! If you’re skint like us, for whatever reason, read on!

Last Valentines Day…

I must admit my man is a bit of a romantic – last year I was pregnant on Valentine’s Day suffering from HG. I was completely unable to get to the shop and buy anything, I was too poorly to even write him a little letter or note. I felt pretty guilty when he got out of bed extra early (under the ruse of needing to go to work early) and bought me breakfast in bed with a single red rose. On a tray and everything. I remember him saying “I know you won’t want to eat it, but I thought I’d make you something just in case”. I was utterly surprised and, I mean, pretty emotional, so I did have a little cry. What a cutie, eh?

Our Valentine’s Day Plans This Year

This year is another year where we’re not doing gifts in the traditional sense. We’ve made the decision that since we’re travelling to Germany in April and then having our big summer holiday later in the year, we need to save all the money we can.

One thing we really enjoy is cooking together, so I expect a little bit of flirty kitchen magic will take place with a nice bottle of wine (and some beer for him)! After dinner, phones will be put away in the bedroom, not to be touched until morning. I don’t think watching a movie is a date night we’re really into – I never really understood cinema trips as dates; why sit in silence with someone and ignore them for two hours? We might go a bit old school and crack out the board games! Maybe not Monopoly though…no one needs that kind of relationship strain on Valentine’s Day! The wine will be flowing, the laughter will fill the room and being in each other’s company with no electronics will be blissful. I’m rather looking forward to it.

I don’t know if that’s exactly what we will end up doing but it’s a pretty good guess. What I do know is that the kids will be in bed, our phones will be in the other room and it’ll be just me and the mister. That’s what it’s all about, right?

How to celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple when you're skint at

I asked some other bloggers how they’d spend their Valentine’s Day if they were a bit short of cash. There are some brilliant ideas, so if you’re looking for inspiration, check these suggestions out!

Have A Nice Evening Meal:

I think setting the dinner table nicely with candles and romantic music really helps set the tone – even if you are just having egg and chips it signals that you are making an effort to spend time together! Nikki from

We always have a steak dinner at home with a bottle of wine, good film and profiteroles for pudding! Emma from Https://

I like the meal deals at supermarkets where you get everything, including wine, for a tenner. Light a few candles and make home your romantic setting. As long as you’re together, that’s the main thing! – Vicky from

Love Notes:

If it’s a working day then send romantic messages, texts and emails randomly throughout the day. Just to remind them you love them. Erica from

Instead of presents agree to write a letter to each other, include things like what you love about each other, things the other has done for you recently that meant a lot to you and some of your favourite memories from the year. Kate from

Write little love notes and hide them around the house in places your partner will be sure to find them. If love notes are not your things, just write something about them that you appreciate like ‘I love it when you make me a cup of tea on a morning’, or ‘I love it when you warm my side of the bed’. Just the little things that show they are loved. Nikki from

Cuddles And A Good Movie:

We have been known to book the day off work and have a Netflix box set binge on the sofa with a blanket and a tub of popcorn! As parents, evenings and babysitters can make alone time a little tricky, but it’s really nice to have someone on one time when the girls aren’t around. Lucy from

We cuddle up on the sofa and watch a film. Our phones get switched off, so there are no distractions (except the kids) and we spend real quality time together. Rebecca from

Old School Entertainment:

We don’t live near family, so we don’t have the option of a babysitter. We go for a lovely walk as a family (to get the kids to fall asleep early!), then home, kids to bed on time and cook dinner together. Share a bottle of wine & enjoy a film. Nicola from

I sound such an old fart but a board game! We get rather competitive over a good game of scrabble. Beth from

Plan a holiday together. Look through guide books, check Trip Advisor, work out budgets, look at online photos and get excited about planning a special trip. Lara from

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Let me know what you’re up to this Valentine’s Day! Have you got any special surprised planned for your significant other? Maybe a trip away somewhere romantic? Or maybe, like us, you’re saving up your pennies and planning a quiet night in. Whatever you’re up to, I’d love to hear from you.

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How to celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple when you're skint at

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