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How To Motivate Your Child To Learn

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As children become older they gain more responsibilities, especially within school hours. There’s a lot more pressure on them as well – with exams and other important assessments on the horizon they will need to be prepared.

However, motivation in children can become a problem if they’re showing signs of unwillingness to learn in the classroom. It’s important that it’s nipped in the bud sooner rather than later.

With this guide from this secondary school in Wolverhampton, comes a guide to ways you can motivate your child to learn, be prepared for questions and get ready for any upcoming assignments.

person in white shirt with brown wooden frame
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Find out what’s stopping your child

Is there an issue at school that they’re not telling you? Or do they need extra help in particular subjects? Have a sit down with them while they’re doing their work and be honest with them. See if they can tell you what’s really troubling them and how it can be fixed.

It can also be worth speaking to your child’s school teacher to see if they can suggest any ways of improving their motivation within the classroom.

Schedule study time each week

If a particular subject is becoming troublesome for your child, then allocate some time each week to go over assignments or questions to solve together. Show them that it can be achieved with a little patience and by breaking down the question bit by bit.

This may also give them the chance to learn to study in their free time to practice those harder questions.

Try different learning techniques

Sometimes the way to encourage your children to learn is by understanding how they learn. You may find that writing exercises are not as effective as kinaesthetic methods for example; try to mix up the learning techniques used and see if it improves their outlook on their learning experience.

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