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How to Raise a Resilient Child

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With the global pandemic becoming a pain point for a lot of families who have had to adapt to different ways of working, learning, and understanding more about how to handle sudden changes in life. Children may have very well learnt how to change in stark circumstances but there are also many ways you can promote resilience in your children to let them handle difficult scenarios when you’re not around.

As they handle these situations it’s important to look at what your children can achieve as they learn from their parents about resilience. Here are some other ways to approach your child with resilience training from this independent school in Essex

smiling cute child in roller skates sitting on skate ramp
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Let them practice life skills

A lot of how adults navigate through life is what they were taught as children, so it’s great to replicate that pattern with your own children. As parents we also want to protect our children as much as we can, but that doesn’t allow our children to effectively learn how to navigate obstacles without our guidance.

Especially during the pandemic, children have learnt in different ways about how to be resilient by learning how to accept rejection and changing plans at the last minute. Allow your child time to figure things out for themselves and give them a different set of responsibilities to test their skills. You’ll be surprised at what they’ve learnt.

Give your children some coping strategies

If things do become too much for your child then they’ll need to know about what to do when they feel panicked or upset. Sometimes it can be a lot for us to handle and things can get teary for children, so it’s wise to give them the tools to prepare themselves for these situations.

Ask them about what helps them feel calmer in other situations and help them discover what works for them, as all of our coping mechanisms are different. When times get tough, remind them of what you’ve worked on to get to where they are.

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