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Supporting Your Child Through the Exam Period

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One of the most stressful parts of a child’s life is when they’re going through their exams. Whether it’s their first SAT exams, their GCSEs, or even the more difficult A Level period can be a lot for children to handle. It’s important that you provide as much support and guidance as you can when they’re going through these periods – so how can you really help?

With this guide from a girls prep school in London, we take a look at the best ways to help your child with their exams and combating any stresses they may have.

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Monitor how much they’re studying

You may be worried that your child’s not studying hard enough, but be aware that they shouldn’t be studying for multiple hours a day either. Burnout is something that children can experience more often than parents could realise, so it’s important to take care and show your child when they should take a break.

Be empathetic with your child

Show your child empathy throughout the exam period in order to give them plenty of self esteem ahead of this difficult period. Your child may be worried about trying to reach the best grades they can; remind them that no matter the result, you’ll still be proud of your child for all their hard work and dedication.

If they need any additional support, give it to them

Whether it’s extra tuition, a request for a new book (or if there’s a place to buy the same book at secondhand prices) or to help them with some revision exercises, you should try and provide that support to your child. Show them that you’re invested in their journey and will go to any length to help them with their exams. 

At this point, it’s also worth speaking to other parents or your child’s friends’ parents to see what advice they’ve been giving their own children to reassure you and how you can help your child with their own exam preparations.

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