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Is My Child Happy at School? 3 Ways to Tell.


Some children are very expressive with their feelings towards school and their parents can easily tell if they are happy or not. Other kids don’t really give much away, and parents have to work a little harder to determine if they are enjoying their education. After all, school can be quite overwhelming at times and your child might not want to open up about some of their experiences, no matter how old they are. Here are some tips from a private school in Taunton to help parents clarify whether or not their kids are happy at school.

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1. Communicate With Your Child About School

Possibly the easiest way to determine whether or not your child is happy at school is to talk to them about it as much as possible. You don’t necessarily have to do this as soon as they get home, as it might be better to let them unwind a little first. Be sure to ask detailed and open ended questions that require more than a one word answer. Your child’s reactions, body language and answers to your questions will give you a strong indication as to whether or not they are happy.

2. Talk to the Teachers

Since your child’s teachers spend five days a week with them, it is likely that they know most, if not all, of what’s going on in the classroom and whether or not your child seems happy. For example, if your child has an argument with some of the other kids, the teacher will probably have heard about it. It’s important that parents and teachers work together to build a partnership that protects the happiness and wellbeing of the child.

3. Observe Your Child’s Health and Behaviour

As a parent, it’s unlikely that you ever actually stop observing your child, but if you think they’re struggling with something at school be sure to do so even more. Are they displaying signs of anxiety, such as nail-biting or bed-wetting? Do they clam up and not want to talk whenever you mention the teachers or school work? This kind of behaviour indicates that something is upsetting your child at school, and the next step is to figure out what that might be. There are many things that prevent your child from being happy at school, such as a bullying incident or difficulty with reading. Be sure not to jump to conclusions!

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