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‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer


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The Easter holidays are finally here! In my opinion, besides summer, the Easter holidays are the best school holidays of the year. I love that the kids have 2 whole weeks off from school, it means there’s loads of time to get outside and explore and crack on with tons of really fun Easter activities.

For many families across the country, the Easter holiday also means embarking on an exciting Easter egg hunt. I don’t know how you do it, but the general rule of thumb in our household is that if you carefully follow the trail of small eggs, you’ll eventually come across the elusive “prized” egg.

To help me plan this year’s Easter egg hunt, I’ve teamed up with Vanilla Reindeer who have provided the ultimate finishing touch to our hunt with their personalised Easter egg boxes.

‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer. Review at

Who are Vanilla Reindeer?

Vanilla Reindeer specialise in giving your gift the ultimate finishing touch. I’ve previously reviewed their personalised gift/bottle bags which made this years Valentine’s gift to Mikey extra special. He came home from work and loved the cheeky little bottle bag, immediately snapping a picture of it and popping it on Facebook for his friends and family to react to.

In my opinion, adding a splash of personalisation to the gift wrap makes your gift that little bit better. It shows that you understand that person and have put thought into their present. Vanilla Reindeer have branched out for Easter and are now offering a collection of exclusive designs – all easily customisable.

‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer. Review at

Vanilla Reindeer’s Personalised Easter Eggs

If you headed over to my Vanilla Reindeer Easter Egg giveaway post, you’ll know that I absolutely adore the designs Vanilla Reindeer have for their Easter eggs! My favourite is the bright and colourful “Crackin’ Easter” design, but it’s closely followed by the “Nice Buns” design…I do like something a bit cheeky and playful!

Not only do they have some great designs to choose from, but Vanilla Reindeer also have a variety of chocolate egg sizes; they’re even selling a luxurious truffle Easter egg! I was kindly given a voucher code which enabled me to go through the Vanilla Reindeer personalisation process and order one large Easter egg and a box of 6 Easter eggs.

‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer. Review at

The Ordering and Customising Process

Just like the gift bags I reviewed previously, the ordering process for the Easter eggs was incredibly simple and easy to use. I sometimes find that gift companies make the process of personalising their items too complicated or the method they choose isn’t very user friendly. However, that isn’t an issue when it comes to placing an order with Vanilla Reindeer.

‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer. Review at

Upon selecting the Easter egg you wish to purchase, an animation pops up while the page loads and you’re then redirected to the customisation space. From here you can literally click on the area you want to personalise and add your text or image. It’s really that easy – point, click, type and then head to the checkout. There are also boxes to either side of the canvas where you can add your messages if you don’t want to click on the image. The Vanilla Reindeer editor also allows you to change the font, positioning and alignment of your text. If you want to edit in full screen mode, you’re given the option in the top right corner.

‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer. Review at

To add an image to your Easter egg box, click on the ‘add files’ link to the left of the screen and from there you can upload an image from your computer, from Facebook or you can take one right there and then. The usual image edit options are available including flip, rotate and the scaling options. You can also add effects to your image and toggle the brightness and levels etc.

‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer. Review at

Checkout and Delivery

Before selecting delivery and payment options, Vanilla Reindeer shows you a rotating 3D preview of your finished product so you can ensure it looks exactly how you want it to before commiting to the order. After deciding you’re happy, you are taken to your basket where you can apply a discount code, check pricing and delete/edit your order. You’re then prompted to agree to Vanilla Reindeer’s T&C’s, login or create and account (you can checkout as a guest) and then choose delivery options.

I chose the standard delivery option and my eggs arrived well packaged in snug fitting cardboard boxes with protective air pillows. No chocolate was harmed in the delivery process!

‘Eggstra’ Special Easter Eggs From Vanilla Reindeer. Review at

Overall thoughts on Vanilla Reindeer’s Service

I love using the Vanilla Reindeer website because the customisation and editing process is just so user friendly. There’s no way you can get to the checkout without knowing exactly what you’re getting! The Easter eggs I ordered came looking exactly how  I knew they would – the digital printing is crystal clear so there are no blurry lines or leaked ink and the image quality is brilliant. I always deliver honest and heartfelt reviews and I would definitely recommend Vanilla Reindeer if you’re after a unique and special way to finish off an excellent gift or if you’re planning on injecting something extra special into your Easter activities.

If you’d like to try your luck at winning a large customised Easter Egg from Vanilla Reindeer, head over to enter our giveaway!

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