It's The Little Things,  Out and About,  Toddler Approved Tuesday

It’s the little things…

The weather today, as far as Britian goes, is lovely. We didn’t actually have anything planned but there were a couple of the bigger parks and areas around that James and I had been planning on taking Luke to, but we just hadn’t got round to it because they’re a bit of a walk away.

But as the weather was good and we’re all together, we thought, why not? 

Feeding the ducks #itsthelittlethings

So usually, getting ready to go out for us is a nightmare. James has Crohns so we have to make sure he’s not feeling too poorly, then we have to try and get ourselves ready around Luke, despite him knowing that we’re all going out. I think in most families that’s fine, but he gets really inpatient with us and howls the place down if we don’t get out the door quickly enough – which sometimes, we obviously just can’t!

Today, he seemed quite content actually. Only one or two tears and I even managed to make a picnic in front of him, although he did cry when I put the left over quiche back in the fridge. Anyway, off into the big wide world we popped. On our way to the park, we walked past James’ parents house, so we popped in there to say hello to Step Grandma who was on her lunch break. We had a little natter, Luke got fussed over and then we set off again.

We seemed to go a really obscure way to the park, one that James knew and I didn’t. But we ended up entering the park right at the very top, so Luke had huge fields to run across. He loved it. So much open space that we don’t get in our usual park. He went toddling off at high speeds. He did need to be redirected so he was facing away from the skate park though, eek.

So we ran and ran until we got to the other side of the park and we saw DUCKS! Yes, ducks. I’m not sure if this is Luke’s first time seeing ducks, but it certainly is with me, and he was EXCITED. I have never seen anything cuter, honestly.

He kepts saying, “who’s dat?” to the ducks and when we said, “They’re ducks! They say quack quack, are you going to say hello?” He stuck his little hand through and started waving saying, “Ducks, hi!” AND I MELTED ON THE INSIDE. Oh it was so squishy. We’re definitely coming here again because my heart needs some more adorable child goodness.

He says “hi” a lot lately, especially when my phone rings and I answer and tell him who it is. He always smiles and waves and says hi, and he say it so high patched and cute and gaahhhhhh. You get the idea.


Anyway! That was our little family trip out and it’s completely knackered Luke (and me) out. We ate our picnic on a little bench, we played in the little play park and then we came home via a slightly quicker and more direct route. I wish I had taken more photos, especially of the ducks, but I really was having too much fun and just enjoying the moment. We don’t usually get any “family moments” but today we did and it fills my heart with joy. We’re not perfect, but we make each other happy.

I hope everyone cherishes these moments as much as I do. 🙂


Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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