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Jewelry Styling Rules Every Man Must Follow

Jewelry may not be on top of your checklist when it comes to masculine accessories. Men often feel apprehensive about wearing rings, chains, and bracelets because carrying them subtly and comfortably requires an excellent sartorial sense. But you must think beyond the conventional accessories like watches, sunglasses, and belts to up your style quotient. The right jewelry pieces can do the trick, provided you master the craft of wearing them. While there isn’t a perfect way to wear jewelry, men can rely on these simple styling rules that work for everyone.

Rule #1- Avoid showing off

Perhaps the most important rule is to avoid showing off your jewelry, no matter how much it is worth. A gold chain or diamond ring may be as expensive as a luxury watch, but being super ostentatious will only make a bad impression. Your precious accessories should speak for themselves to genuinely impress others and draw attention. So avoid fidgeting with your ring or chain the next time you wear them.

Rule #2- Less is more

The rule of less is more is similar to steering clear of flaunting your stuff, but it is more about being subtle with your fashion sense. Avoid wearing loud pieces with lots of bling because shiny stuff does not go well with masculine fashion. Simple is always better because you feel more comfortable wearing such pieces on any occasion, regardless of your age, lifestyle, and personal fashion sense.

Rule #3- Stick with masculine designs

Although you may share a chain with your partner, it is always advisable to stick with masculine designs. A cuban link chain is an ideal example of masculine jewelry because it is stylish, classy, durable, and sophisticated. Moreover, it has a high swag factor men love. You may buy chains crafted in white or yellow gold according to your preference. Likewise, choose the thickness to match your budget. 

Rule #4- Know when to wear your jewelry

Another helpful rule for jewelry styling is to save the best for special occasions instead of wearing them day in and day out. Unlike women, you may not want to wear these pieces at all times. Consider reserving them for events like parties and formal dinners. Cufflinks and sleek chains may impress during professional meetings and events. Of course, you can wear your wedding ring daily, but keep the rest for big days. 

Rule #5- Pick pieces with symbolic meanings

Men are often far more comfortable with wearing jewelry with symbolic meanings. Your wedding ring is at the top of the list, though you may also want to stick with family heirlooms as memories of your loved ones. Likewise, you can commemorate important steps in your life with pieces like signet rings or a pair of cufflinks and preserve them for a lifetime. Jewelry with personal meaning is always worth more than its market value.

Wearing jewelry sounds tricky to men, but it can be a breeze. You only need to follow these styling rules to carry these precious pieces with aplomb on any occasion.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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