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Nursery Design Trends

With every year and season that comes and goes, there are new interior design trends for us to get excited about. While it’s not like you are going to be decorating a nursery every year, unless you have sentimental reasons for doing so, it is a good idea to take a look at the most recent trends if you have a newborn on the way. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and beautiful nursery design trends for the end of 2018.

Nursery Design Trends at

Round It Out

The first trend is one that is easy to implement, and it is based on clean and bold lines. Nurseries and children’s’ rooms have always looked great with geometric or linear designs and strong primary colours. If you combine this with bold and clean lines it helps to create a unifying backdrop, especially if the room is going to be filled with toys. This year, rather than triangles being the geometric design of choice, we are seeing circles come into fashion. From clocks to polka dots, there are so many different ways you can bring these circle motifs into the nursery in just about every design component. The symbol is a beautiful one, as it represents wholeness and unity, ensuring a sense of calm and contentedness is provided. And trust us, you will definitely want a room that is soothing to try and comfort your baby when he or she cries!


There is something super comforting and luxurious about velvet, right? You should look for luxury nursery furniture that has velvet upholstery to implement this trend. It adds a rich and soft touch, which is not only ideal for tiny toes, but also for tired parents. The plushness associated with velvet makes the room appear effortlessly luxe. Velvet textiles in a pop of colour can become a guiding statement element in the nursery.

Purple power

Last but not least, we could not talk about trends for 2018 in nurseries without talking about the most stylish colour of the year. This year, Ultra Violet was deemed the colour of the year by Pantone. This is a bright punchy purple with a blue hue. It is a great choice for nurseries because it is suitable for both baby girls and baby boys. Plus, you can always find softer tones that are more suitable for the nursery environment. This can be the overall colour for the nursery, or it can be used to accessorize.

So there you have it: some of the most beautiful nursery design trends for 2018. If you are busy planning a nursery because you and your partner are expecting a baby, hopefully, you will have found a trend that appeals to you from the suggestions that have been listed above. From clean, bold lines to the colour purple, there is something for everyone.

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