5 fun activities for children you can find at your local library at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk
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5 Fun Activities For Children You Can Find At Your Local Library

We all know that when it comes to heading out for the day, or even the afternoon, your kids can probably think of more exciting things to do then go to the library. However, libraries are actually incredibly important. Not only are they a fantastic place to try out and read new books, but they are also a place that your child can learn and develop their education too.

So, if you are met with a groan whenever you mention the library, then The Eleven Plus Tutors in Essex offers you a list of the  top 5 activities that you can try and do at your local library in order to make it that little bit more appealing for your child.

5 fun activities for children you can find at your local library at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

1 – Go to a story time session

There are some children who love nothing more than grabbing a book, but there are also some children who are not too keen on the idea of reading. If you want to encourage them to not only want to visit the library, but also get more interested in books, then it may be worthwhile taking them to one of the ever popular story time sessions that are run at your local libraries. Not only are these great fun, but they also can help to introduce them to books that they may not have otherwise of read.

2 – Join a workshop

Libraries are not just about reading stories, they are also about developing imagination and helping you to write your own stories too. Some libraries run writing workshops, which helps children (and adults for that matter) to learn more about how to create their own stories and get those ideas in their brains to paper.

3 – Read a story together

Children really value time spent with their parents, so, why not head to your local library, grab a few books and find a comfy corner for you both to snuggle down in. You can share a story or two, you reading to your child and, depending on their age, them reading to you. This may be incredibly simple but it is actually quality time that they will really enjoy and value.

4 – Check out all the themed events

As well as the workshops and regular story time sessions that you can look forward to. Many libraries also offer themed events throughout the year (often around the main seasonal events) these vary in type and design, but they are definitely a great way to not only encourage your child to head to the library, but also to view the library as fun, rather than as a boring place to be.

5 – Set them a task

Children love nothing more than being challenged to do something. If they feel it is a game, or perhaps even a competition, then they are much more likely to get on board. Ask them to find a particular topic of book, ask them to find their most favourite random fact, ask them to find a story about a tiger or a space alien. They may be simple finds, but they encourage your children to run around and see everything that the library has to offer.

Libraries can be great places, whilst they may not top a trip to the zoo or a theme park for the day, when you are stuck for something to do, there are plenty of ways that you can make your local library that little more appealing.

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