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Online Dating For Single Parents

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Navigating the dating scene can be tough, but traversing the world of dating as a single parent can be even tougher. This time around, not only are you looking for someone compatible who shares similar interests and aspirations, but you’ve also got to consider your lifestyle and the lives of your children as well. 

side view photo of smiling woman in a black and white striped top sitting on a bed while using a laptop
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While traditional dating may have its perks…

Traditional dating works just fine for many people; after all, you see straight away what you’re getting which is a huge benefit. You can interact in open, public spaces and read your date’s body language, gauging for yourself whether or not they’re someone you want to continue to spend time with. However, although traditional dating works for many and is a brilliant way to find a deeper connection, it isn’t the most practical way to embark on your dating journey as a single parent. 

Online dating is definitely an easier, more pragmatic way to date.

For the single parents out there, I can honestly say that online dating is the way forward. 

There are tonnes of benefits that come from choosing to pursue potential suitors online, rather than in the traditional sense. These benefits become even more appealing after factoring in the busy lifestyle single parents tend to lead. Between parenting, maintaining a house, working, and socialising, online dating allows you to dip in and out of conversation with potential partners and socialise on a timescale that suits you. 

Calling all single parents who are ready to mingle: there are so many benefits to dating online.

I hear you, online dating does sound a little scary, especially if you’re completely new to it all. But dating sites like Cambridgeshire Dating make the whole process incredibly easy for singles to set up a profile and start connecting with others straight away.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing online dating. One of the things I like most about online dating is that you can control the situation so much more when compared to meeting someone face to face. You’re able to keep yourself safe when online dating by getting to know your date before connecting in person, thus detecting potential suitors who may be looking for something you’re not interested in. Plus you are able to limit the amount of personal information you put out into the world. This last point is especially poignant from a parent’s point of view, as the safety of your family will obviously be paramount. 

Online dating fits in well with the busy lifestyles that single parents tend to lead. It can be hard to find childcare or rely on friends and family to look after children whilst you attend dates. We’ve all been there – sometimes it can be awkward to ask for help with the kids whilst dating. Using online dating services like Cambridgeshire Dating is a great way to keep potential matches just a few taps away on your phone – no need to call a babysitter!

Debunking the myths surrounding online dating.

There are a few myths about online dating that I have addressed before. Statements such as “online dating is only for people who can’t find a partner in ‘real life’”, and “online dating isn’t for mature people or single parents” came up quite a lot when I started researching the topic. However, I’m going to tell you right now that these statements are absolutely 100% not true! 

If you’ve heard statements like those above, please check out this blog post entitled: Online Dating: Common Myths Debunked. I wrote this not so long ago and it covers the most common myths about online dating, remarking on how untrue and silly they really are! 

Keep Safe!

Online dating is not without its risks. As with other forms of dating, it is a social interaction with someone new, therefore I would always advise an element of caution. Use your intuition when it comes to meeting up face to face and make sure you always tell someone where you’re going.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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