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Save Money By Shopping In The Boxing Day Sales

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There’s no denying that when it comes to Christmas, money can become a big issue. We all want to get our loved ones something special, but sometimes we can find ourselves experiencing significant financial hardships within the festive season. This can force us into an uncomfortable position. These positions include things such as having to choose between putting ourselves at financial risk in order to make others happy or to ‘disappoint’ our loved ones by not delivering the present that they’ve been dreaming of. 

wrapped presents
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We’re constantly bombarded with Christmas advertising, piling on the financial pressure.

From around October, sometimes even earlier, we’re all bombarded with Christmas products, deals, discounts, and advertisements for the next big thing. Kids, teenagers, and even us adults are all guilty of watching TV or surfing social media and immediately seeing something that we just have to have. The problem is, these must-have items are usually pretty pricey and when faced with a lot of people to purchase gifts for, sometimes we reach towards those credit cards and payday loans; putting ourselves in debt in order to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

The best Christmas money-saving hack: buy later!

If this sounds like you, stop right there. Instead of plunging yourself into debt buying the latest hair salon equipment, video games, perfumes, and designer items – just wait. Hold onto your money for just one more day…

For many people out there, especially children, we know that Christmas Day is the most anticipated day of the year. For the super savvy bargain hunters out there, however, it’s all about Boxing Day. Why? Because by waiting until Boxing Day to purchase the ‘main’ presents for your loved ones, you can take advantage of the Boxing Day sales!

The Boxing Day sales usually start on the day after Christmas day, running from the 26th until the end of December. During this period, most of the popular and expensive items that were in high demand on the run-up to Christmas get their prices slashed. If you fancy saving a ton of money and still getting your loved ones their most wanted gifts this year, the Boxing Day sales are well worth waiting that extra day for.

Physical stores aren’t the only shops to take part in the Boxing Day sales.

It’s not just physical stores that take part in the Boxing Day sales either – all your favourite online stores also participate, selling their leftover Christmas stock at massively discounted prices. From hair and beauty experts, for example, the Clip Hair Boxing Day Sale, to huge global clothing sites such as ASOS – stores everywhere take advantage of the Boxing Day sales in order to shift stock. 

These discounted items present the perfect opportunity for savvy shoppers and bargain hunters to pick up some seriously lavish gifts for their loved ones, without spending over the odds and breaking the bank. By saving your Christmas budget for the Boxing Day sales, you can still enjoy all the joy of watching your loved ones open their Christmas presents, but with the added benefit of having saved a serious amount of cash.

So this year, by all means, celebrate Christmas the way you usually would: with friends, family, food, songs, laughter, and presents. However, just remember that there are some presents that can wait, just for one more day. 

More Money Saving Christmas Tips

So you’re interested in waiting until Boxing Day to spend your hard-earned cash, but what other ways are there for you to save money for Christmas? Here are a few extra tips to help you make your money go further, land huge savings, and be financially savvy for the festive period.

  • Make sure that you start adding money to your Christmas savings as soon as you can to ensure you’ve got a decent sized chunk of money to work with. 
  • A huge variety of stores take part in the Boxing Day sales, for example department stores, appliance stores, DIY shops – even furniture stores. If you’ve managed to sort your Christmas presents out early, why not take advantage of the sales and update your home with some fresh, new products, furniture, or appliances?
  • Keep your eyes peeled for discounts and voucher codes.
  • When purchasing gifts online, don’t forget to go through cashback websites.
  • Do you really need a turkey? We don’t usually eat them at any other time of the year in the UK, so why not downgrade and find an alternative for the Christmas dinner? 
  • Some stores even start their Boxing Day sales early – before Christmas day! The downside to this is that delivery often costs more, however the savings that can be made from purchasing sale items still makes it worthwhile. 

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