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How to Choose the Best COVID-19 PPE Kits?

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The pandemic has taught the world that being safe and hygienic at all times is crucial, regardless of what kind of situation you are in. It holds especially true for health workers, who are the first line of defense towards any infection or contagious disease.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory for health workers to ensure complete safety for themselves and their loved ones. When searching for COVID healthcare PPE kits that provide complete protection without compromising on other aspects, you need to look out for the following factors:

woman wearing face mask
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What’s Included in the PPE Kit?

Different PPE kits can include various items, depending on the requirements. Every hospital and healthcare institution might have a regulated PPE kit that includes components like:

  • Eye Protection Gear: It includes goggles that can protect against UV rays, chemicals and provide overall protection.
  • Full Protective Suit: A bodysuit aims to protect your body from infectious agents. It is generally non-permeable so that no germs can infiltrate the material.
  • Protective Footwear: You can find boots or other protective footgear that pants can be tucked into, so additional protection is provided. It can be made from the same material as the bodysuit.
  • Hand Protection: Most PPE kits generally include disposable gloves as part of the kit. It can be found in various materials.

You can also find additional protection for several areas, like your face. Plastic screens and caps are also a part of PPE kits in some healthcare institutions. 


When you’re planning to make a bulk order for PPE kits to fulfill your requirements, you can’t afford to find kits that are priced highly individually. Ideally, you should find suppliers and retailers willing to offer a discount when you buy from them wholesale.

The more special components you add to a standard PPE kit for a higher price. You can find different suppliers and compile a list of prices to help make this easier. It would help if you don’t automatically go for the cheapest option, as the material integrity can be compromised. Find an affordable kit that can be easily mass-produced. 


All components of a PPE kit need to be non-permeable to ensure that no germs or bacteria get through. It holds especially true for COVID-19 PPE kits where workers are fighting against highly infectious diseases. 

For bodysuits, you might find that a blend of plastic, latex, nylon, polyester, and more are used to make it. Gloves also utilise similar materials. Since goggles and boots can be multi-use items, they can come in other materials such as rubber, silicone, and high-quality plastic. 


Most of the PPE kits available today for an affordable price are generally made from single-use plastic. It is not only cheaper but safer for health workers as well, who have to be out dealing with COVID-19 almost every day. In this case, you don’t want them to risk their health with a PPE suit that can tear easily.

Ensure that the durability of the PPE kit is adequate enough to last for at least a day, no matter what it goes through. You should also check ahead to ensure that multiple sizes and fits are available so that employees don’t have to face the suit snagging on every object. 

Finding a PPE kit suitable for your requirements will be comparatively easy when you keep these factors in mind!

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