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Staying Fit During Lockdown: 3 Top Tips For Feeling More Motivated During A Home Workout

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Since the pandemic forced the closure of gyms, many of us have had to switch up our workouts and learn how to take back control of our health and wellbeing. For some, working out from home has turned out to be a more enjoyable experience than going to the gym, but others are counting down the days until gyms open up again. 

Just like many of us need to be in the office to get us in the right headspace for work, the gym can have a similar motivational effect on people. Just the act of driving to the gym and seeing others working out can give you a sense of purpose, while the idea of a home workout can leave you feeling bored or uninterested. 

concept of sports training
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The thing is, home workouts aren’t all that bad. You can end up saving money in the long term that you would have spent on your gym membership, fuel costs and that pre-workout protein bar from the vending machine, you don’t have to worry about looking good (PJs workout, anyone?) and you can actually end up spending a lot less time doing your workouts. 

But if you’re still struggling with motivation with your home workouts or simply just aren’t finding them fun, then there are some things you should try before throwing in the towel. Here are 3 top tips to feel more motivated during a home workout:

Work Out With A Friend Or Partner

Having a workout buddy will not only keep you company as you suffer through the pain of the dreaded deadlifts, but they will also keep you accountable for those days when you’re really not feeling motivated. 

It’s best to choose somebody with the same fitness levels as you, as a workout partner who is less experienced or committed than you is likely to bring you down to their level. We’re all guilty of sneaking off for a glass of wine when we’re meant to be working out, but if this starts happening more and more with your friend, then maybe you aren’t the best match for each other.

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

We’re definitely allowed to cut some corners when we’re working out from home (we’ll say it again: PJs workout) but when it comes to gym equipment, not only is it a health and safety concern to use things that aren’t necessarily intended for the gym, but your motivation levels may subconsciously be lower if you’re not using the right equipment. 

For example, at the gym you’re able to see what kind of weights you’re lifting, which can encourage you to push yourself each day you workout. You’re just not going to get that same feeling with your makeshift buckets of tinned peas and bottles of washing up liquid.

DN fitness offer adjustable dumbbells at a range of different weights and prices. Ideal for home workouts, these dumbbells allow you to quickly switch between weight settings, giving you total control of your workout.

Don’t forget that fitness watches can be really beneficial for tracking your progress, reps, HR, and more. Fitbit is one of the most popular brand of fitness watch, and besides the fantastic features that it offers, Fitbit also provides users with the option to customise their watch bands. Take a look at these Fitbit bands for some examples and inspiration:

Create A Motivational Workout Playlist

Music has the power to literally change our emotions, so whether you’re at the gym or at home, a motivational workout playlist is essential. A bonus of being at home is that you can blast your music at full volume- providing there isn’t anybody in your house who’s working from home! 

Switching up your playlist often can also help with motivation levels, as listening to the same music all the time can feel just as repetitive as those 50 squats do.

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