Hello loves,

I love nothing more than getting down on the floor with Luke and getting stuck into whatever craft, play or activity we’re doing. However, sometimes I need to do chores or something that isn’t suitable for Luke to help with or I just need to keep him quiet (that was the case today). I need to find something that will keep Luke occupied for a relatively decent amount of time that’s quick and easy to set up.

Nothing is quicker than this sorting activity.

Sorting Activity For Toddlers from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

You’ll need one ice cube tray and some dried pasta. (or basically anything else; dried pasta is edible though, should your little on like to nibble on small things) The amount of pasta needed matches the size of your ice cube tray.


You can add to the activity by adding different materials, more pots to sort with (think plastic containers/tumblers/empty yoghurt pots), scoops, spoons, tongs – just about anything you have lying around your kitchen that’s child friendly. If you’re using additional materials as well as pasta, try some colourful pom poms or similar.

Why Sorting?

Sorting activities encourage your little one to think – to use their brain and do some classic problem solving. They learn about shapes and how to twist and manipulate objects to make them fit better in the cubes. They further develop their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity (especially when tools are added to the mix). When I am sat with Luke and we’re doing this activity together, we concentrate on counting. If you’re using colourful materials, that opens a whole world of exploring colours through play. Using different materials with different textures (hard pasta vs soft pom poms) creates some great sensory fun too. Overall, sorting is great fun for toddlers and so beneficial. It’s also incredibly quick and easy to set up! So give it a go next time you need a super fast activity to keep your toddler occupied while you tidy the living room, do the washing up or hang the washing up. Let me know how you get on and what materials you use! What are your little ones favourite sorting activities? Please leave me a comment so I can try out some new exciting games with Luke.


**Please do keep an eye on your child when doing this activity – I know at the beginning I stated I use this when doing chores, but my living room and kitchen are in the same room so I am always supervising Luke!


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