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The 4 Best Educational Tours in Europe

Educational tours have been used for a long time to offer students an alternative educational experience, which will bring them in contact with the history and knowledge they have acquired at a theoretical level. This learning method has been quite widespread lately, with several educational institutions choosing them as another way of assimilating and consolidating the knowledge they transmit. 

So through the activity of travel, which is enriched with games and additional activities, students acquire a greater desire for learning and discovery, something that is entirely lacking today in the modern way of education. So in today’s article, we have gathered the four best educational tours in Europe, which offer the best and most intense educational experiences to pupils and students.

city continent country destination
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Greece and Italy

This educational tour is probably the most important. Two interconnected ancient civilizations, the Greek and the Italian contact this journey of rich history and culture. From the beautiful Athens with its numerous historical exhibits to the indescribable beauty of Florence, pupils and students will come in contact with some of the most important cultures of antiquity, with monuments and works that remain unchanged over time. Get to know in depth the well-known and well-hidden beauties of Greece and Italy on a trip to the two most beautiful countries of the Mediterranean.

Ireland and England

An educational trip to northern Europe certainly hides unique emotions. And this makes sense when you are given the opportunity to visit imposing castles and temples, enchanting outdoor scenery and magnificent archaeological sites. From vast beaches to mystical cathedrals, England and Ireland have far more history than you can imagine. From the endless green of the Irish countryside to the modern metropolis of London, there are so many paths of knowledge you have to travel, creating the ultimate travel and educational experience.

Spain (Madrid, Córdoba and Seville)

Three different cities of Spain, three different directions of knowledge and education of local culture. Madrid, the royal capital of the country with its great history awaits you, the multicultural Cordoba with its great works of art and Seville as the cultural centre of Andalusia, create a complete educational package, which combines the most beautiful places for tour and leisure, but also the rich ancient history of the country in an incredible combination for any travel group. Royal palaces, cathedrals and hundreds of other attractions await you on a journey that will forever remain in your memory.

Germany and the Alps

Follow in the footsteps of the genius of the great composers of classical music. Wander the alpine landscapes and places with a vast cultural heritage. Discover all those places that were places of inspiration and creation for the greatest composers in the history of humanity and see with your own eyes the beautiful German countryside. Visit the Alpine region and experience up close the grandeur of the most important mountain range in Europe. Every day and a new destination, every day and a new adventure. This should be the experience of a trip.

In closing, all the positive elements of a trip and training are ideally combined in an educational tour. It is a modern way of education that has now been established in most educational institutions and will surely continue in the coming years. In this implementation effort, various tour operators such as the company Travel Way offer complete tour packages, undertaking the entire organization of such a demanding trip. So that students get the education and experience they really deserve.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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