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The Best Body Care Products For Summer

Summer is clearly the time when the skin suffers the most. The main culprits are the heat that causes dehydration and the UVA and UVB rays that cause skin damage. Therefore, there are two levels of care, before and after: Basic skin care includes the sunscreen you need to use before you come in contact with the sun. The complete protection of the skin of your face and body includes moisturizing, soothing, healing and care products that prevent and repair the damage caused to the skin in summer.

This article addresses this need for comprehensive skincare and suggests the best summer care products. Let’s find out:

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Face and summer care


In contrast to the winter, when the skin of your face needs a rich moisturizing cream, in order to avoid dryness, in the summer, it needs hydration, but in a lighter form. And we explain: Prefer a moisturizer with a light texture so that it leaves no traces of oil and allows your skin to breathe without sweating. Also, make sure that this cream has a protection index that blocks UVA and UVB rays.


If you still want to follow the classic, traditional way, get a face sunscreen that suits your skin’s needs and which you will not only wear on the beach but also when, for example, you go to work or a coffee walk. Remember to wear sunscreen even on grey days as the UV rays can still be harmful towards your skin on dreary days. If you notice anything different about your skin, such as moles changing colour or shape, or small bumps under the skin, be sure to visit your healthcare provider to get them checked out. Moles changing shape or colour could be an indication of skin cancer, whereas small bumps could be lipomas. Lipomas are benign and can be removed, check out Lipoma removal Auckland for more information.


You know that in the summer, due to the heat, you sweat more if nothing else. What you may ignore or just neglect to take seriously is that the sweat that “pours” rivers clogs the pores of your skin around the nose, scalp and chin. So to get rid of dead cells, invest in a mild facial cleanser, which you will use morning and night before applying the moisturizer or sunscreen.

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Hair and summer care


The truth is that in the summer, hair washing becomes more frequent, not to mention daily, due to the heat, sweat and bathing in the sea. Therefore, it contains more significant amounts of moisturizing ingredients for in-depth nutrition. However, this habit can create a real problem in the health of your hair, as it has been proven that frequent shampooing deprives the hair of its natural oiliness, even leading to the appearance of dry skin. So in order not to let your hair dehydrate and “thin”, take care first, to avoid shampooing when it is not required, and secondly, to put in your life a shampoo that states that it is ideal for frequent shampooing.


The shampoo is essential for the proper care of your hair, but it is not the only product that should be in your bathroom. Equip yourself with a mask for hydration and shine, especially if you have long minutes or your hair is thin.

Fixing spray with sea salt

Unlike pomade, gel, foam and any other fixative, sea salt spray offers strong hold, but with a natural effect, movement and volume in the hair. That is why it is the perfect proposal for hairstylists for the summer season.

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Body and summer care

Shower gel

There are plenty of options on the market. So choose a shower gel that suits your tastes, is moisturizing (that is, you do not feel it after your skin pulls) and offers you a feeling of coolness and cleanliness.


He is your ally in the war against heat and sweat. That’s why you have to be very careful in your choice to be sure that it is the right one. What is a suitable sealant? One that has no parabens, aluminium and alcohol and is basically odourless, containing natural ingredients such as mineral crystal, aloe and essential oils. You will find it both in a roll-on form and in stick or spray, mainly in pharmacies.

With temperatures soaring, it’s time to use the above products on how to properly care for your face, hair and body to keep them intact in the hot days to come. All the above products and even more, you can get them by visiting the website of Foto Pharmacy, finding at the best and most favourable prices the products that will give you perfect radiance and protection in an otherwise difficult period for your skin.

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