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The Benefits of Journaling for Children

Having a journal brings a lot of benefits not just for adults. When you’re a child you’ll be exploring a lot of different things in life that help with your personal development. It’s a good habit to write these things down, and children can also see the benefit in keeping a log of their life in a private place.

To explore the benefits of keeping a journal as a child, this guide from a private school in Cambridge shares some ways they help children throughout their lives.

silver colored open end bracelet beside two brown stars ornament
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It helps with their mental health

A journal is a good place for your child to manage their thoughts and feelings without judgement. Something may have happened at school that has stressed them out, and writing it out in their diary can help them collect their thoughts in a different way. Similarly, your child could have an inquisitive way of looking at things and will use their journal as a way of reassessing a situation.

Gives your child the chance to practice their writing skills

Keeping a record of something, and writing in it, will give your child the opportunity to work on their grammar skills. They’re also checking their spelling, exploring synonyms, and learning how to use these different words in a variety of contexts. These all help with a child’s development when it comes to their English writing lessons, reading and speech.

Teaches your child about independence

A journal is something that’s going to be private to your child. They are learning their first steps towards being a responsible person and using their intuition when it comes to writing in a way that helps them. As they’re working on their understanding of their own feelings, they’re more likely to handle things in their own way. They become better problem solvers and more able to handle responsibility if they’re aware of their own thought processes.

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