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The benefits of sports in schools

Sports are a strict part of a schools’ curriculum, with pupils having the opportunity to enjoy an array of sports activities over the years. Whilst many of us either look back at PE in schools as something we either loved or detested, the real truth is that it was offered due to the wide benefits it has. This includes encouraging better academic performance, and improvement in a student’s health as well as teaching them about inclusivity and participation. Below are some top tips on the benefits of sports in schools as advised by this prep school in Potters Bar

Keeping fit

Sports is the best way to keep healthy for those of every age. Exercise is recommended to keep fit and well to promote a better lifestyle. This is why sports is introduced to students in school, so they build positive habits and understand the importance of fitness in their youth. Students that take part in daily exercise are more likely to avoid unwanted illnesses. Given that the majority of children nowadays eat a lot of food that is high in sodium and sugar, it has become more important than ever to keep them on a roll when it comes to fitness. Sports is the best option as it can be approached in a number of ways that keep students fit such as football or dance. 

Leadership skills

The majority of sports are played in teams, meaning there will be many times where students will get the chance to practice their leadership skills. This is one of the best ways to help them become better decision makers. Being a leader is all about appreciating and boosting the team, which is a great transferable skill to attain. 

Academic performance

Sports can also help students to better their academic performance. This is because the daily physical activities help to refresh their mind and improve memory. Good mental health comes from good physical health, both being required when it comes to achieving academic success. 

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