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The Best Hip Hop Jewelry For Men

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It’s 2022! As a society, we are now officially celebrating individualism, welcoming new things, and helping those to become who they’ve always wanted to be. Celebrating what makes us unique is one of the best qualities that human beings have. One way that so many of us choose to let our personality shine is through the jewelry and accessories we wear. 

A prominent style that’s been with us since the 1970s, and isn’t going anywhere soon, is the iconic trend of hip hop fashion. In particular, this era of hip hop brought with it a scene of blingtastic jewelry, characteristically known for featuring status-affirming adornments such as diamonds, semi-precious gems, and pearls. This style of jewelry is still worn by influential artists to date, remaining extremely popular with artists and fans alike. 

Getting your hands on bold and eye-catching hip hop jewelry is easier than ever now thanks to hip hop jewelry specialists such as Helloice. If you’re looking to buy the hip hop fan in your life some hip hop inspired jewelry, take a look at some of our top picks below. 

Cuban Link Chains

First up we have the iconic Cuban Chain. Avid jewelry lovers will know that not all chains are created equal, and what sets the Cuban link chain apart from other hip hop chains is its durability, style, and complete hip hop swag status. During the rise of hip hop in the 1970’s, Cuban chains rose in popularity, especially among the Cuban enclaves of Miami – hence the name. 

However, the Cuban chain truly exploded in popularity in 2012, when the greatest hip hop influencers around showcased their pieces in their music videos and paraded their Cuban chains on the red carpet. As such, the Cuban chain has remained the ultimate symbol of hip hop despite the decades that have passed, making it an ideal piece to add to your hip hop enthusiast’s collection. 

Rapper Chains

Cuban link chains are considered the best of the best when it comes to rapper chains, however, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge market of other eye-catching and exquisite hip hop chains to choose from. From rope chains, tennis chains, and the oh-so-refined Figaro chain, to pearl and diamond encrusted chain necklaces – there’s a rapper chain out there to suit every hip hop fan. Chains are a hip hop jewelry lover’s best friend, and with so many chains all oozing that style and freshness that makes hip hop jewelry so popular, it’s no wonder they remain the number one hip hop jewelry piece.


Nothing says bling like a big old hip hop watch, and what man doesn’t love a good watch? Channeling your inner hip hop legend is easy when you add some new hip hop watches to your collection. With so many different watch faces, metal colours to choose from, and of course, the number of carats to add, hip hop watches are among the best selling jewelry pieces for hip hop lovers all over the world. Pairing your new watch with diamond-encrusted bracelets is guaranteed to show the world your commitment to the hip hop lifestyle.

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