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Your Guide To Buying The Perfect Wedding Ring

There’s always a lot of chatter and buzz surrounding the excitement of choosing engagement rings. So much so, that it often seems that the wedding rings themselves simply don’t get the level of attention that they deserve. Your wedding ring is the little piece of your wedding day that goes everywhere with you every day, making it a highly symbolic piece of jewelry.

Whereas engagement rings are usually researched and purchased in secret, wedding bands are very often researched and purchased as a couple. A lot of thought needs to go into choosing your wedding rings, after all, the wedding ring symbolises your commitment and love for one another. If you are thinking of purchasing it from Angara, you should first check angara reviews online.

To help make your big decision easier, I’ve put together this guide to buying the perfect wedding ring. This blog post is full of tips and tricks to help you and your partner to find the right rings for both of you, so if you’re ready to get started, keep reading! 

woman holding white and pink roses bouquet
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Decide on your wedding ring budget.

Wedding rings range massively in price, so setting a budget before you start shopping is a handy way to make sure you find something that you not only love but that you can also comfortably afford. For many, buying wedding rings is just one small part of the overall wedding budget – in fact, an average 3-5% of wedding budgets are set aside exclusively for wedding rings. 

For that reason, it’s such a good idea to factor in the type of style and material you’re looking for when setting a wedding ring budget to avoid going overboard with your wedding fund. Instead of splashing the cash on expensive diamonds, consider taking a look at moissanite wedding sets. Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide that looks remarkably similar to diamonds. Moissanite is nearly just as hard as diamonds, sparkles beautifully, and is difficult to scratch, but the big difference between diamonds and moissanite is the price! Diamonds will set you back thousands of pounds, whereas moissanite will only cost you a few hundred pounds.

Make sure your wedding ring compliments your engagement ring.

Typical wedding ring styles include eternity rings, half eternity rings, and wedding bands. These wedding rings come in such a huge variety of styles and shapes. To make your job easier, often jewelers will have bridal sets available to purchase. Purchasing bridal sets takes away a lot of the guesswork that comes with matching your wedding ring and engagement ring. For an example of the type of bridal sets available, these moissanite bridal sets are sold in various styles and colours.

Find a style that suits your personality.

When thinking about your dream wedding ring, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to think about your lifestyle, as this will help you to narrow down the type of metal that is most suited to you. Some metals are harder than others, and some metals look almost identical to others but can cost half the price – for instance, just take a look at the price difference between white gold and platinum rings.

Finding a wedding ring to suit your personality goes for men as well! Don’t be afraid to go for a band that injects a little bit of sparkle into the world. These men’s moissanite rings from SheSaidYes are a wonderful alternative to the plain men’s wedding band.

Start looking at rings early on.

Sorting out your ring can take time – a factor that many couple’s don’t consider when planning their wedding. Production and shipping time can take several weeks, and it can potentially take even longer for the wedding rings to complete this process if you’ve opted for additional extras such as a personal engraving. Generally speaking, you should allow 3-4 weeks for your rings to be sized up and shipped out. Different styles of rings may take longer than others and custom rings will take longer. Therefore, it’s vital to always account for the time it takes to order, create, and ship your wedding rings!

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