The Childhood Christmas Presents We All Longed For

As a child, you think there’s no greater or more exciting feeling than waking up on Christmas day and rushing downstairs to see what Father Christmas has bought you. Then, when we become parents, we realise that actually, watching our little people’s faces light up with glee is way better. You relive your own childhood excitement through them and you remember exactly how it felt to open the living room door and be greeted with such an amazing sight.

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As a parent, I try to get Luke what he has asked for Christmas. Even on the run-up to Christmas, I try to fit in as many exciting activities and events as possible, like ice skating and the incredible Polar Express Train Ride 2023. I love trying to make Christmas as magical as possible for him but, as all parents will know, that isn’t always easy. Plus as children get older, their expectations usually get higher. With higher expectations, come higher costs, not to mention how difficult it is to get your hands on that years ‘it’ toy!

But then, it turns out that nothing has changed since we were children ourselves.

The Childhood Christmas Presents We Longed For at

We all had gifts on our Christmas lists for Santa that we longed desperately for, but never received. At the time maybe we begrudged our parents or Father Christmas, but now we can see that there’s probably a pretty good reason why we didn’t get what we had asked for.

For instance, I always asked for two things: a Mr Frosty and a trampoline. There were two problems with them; two problems that almost certainly explain why I never got them. One, we didn’t have a working freezer. Two, we didn’t have the garden space available for a trampoline. Bit of a bummer, eh?

I longed for that Mr Frosty – every year I circled him in the Argos magazine and I never ever got him. To be fair to my parents, Mr Frosty was just another way of pumping children full of sugar and probably a crazy amount of E numbers! As for the Trampoline, well I was always circling the trampoline section and begging my parents for one – the tiny fact that we had NOWHERE to put one didn’t seem to register in my mind and I was so bitter that I’d never get one! I would have absolutely loved one back in the day and as soon as we live somewhere with suitable space in the garden, I’ll definitely be going online to find some great trampoline deals.

The Childhood Christmas Presents We Longed For at

This whole topic got me thinking. I know for a fact that I’m not the only parent who longed for something so desperately at Christmas time – I’m probably not the only person who never got what they’d asked for either. So I took to Facebook to ask other bloggers what their most longed for childhood present was and found out if they ever received it or not.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one with a desperate longing for Mr Frosty. It seems that our little chilly friend here was quite popular – Carrie from says that her and her sister always wanted one but never got one; ironically, her eldest has also asked for the elusive Mr Frosty and is ‘unlikely to get’ one next Christmas. It seems like parents definitely think about the mess when it comes to buying Christmas presents!

The thing about being a child is that you’re always longing to grow up. Hilariously, Amy from asked for a school register for Christmas! She says the she always resented Father Christmas for never granting her the teacher’s dream gift.

Do you remember the My Little Pony Dream Castle? Thousands of little girls (and boys I imagine!) wanted the My Little Pony Dream Castle – it was dreamy! Unfortunately for Rosemary from she didn’t wake up to find the castle under her Christmas tree. However, she did end up with an actual real life Pony a few years later which she says definitely made up for it!

Star from says that she always wanted a collection of Sylvanian Families toys to play with but only ever got the Sylvanian Families Bath. She told me, “needless to say, my daughter had loads when she was little!” I can sympathise with Lianne from who said she always wanted Sylvanian Families too but her mum told her no – because there were too many bits! As a kid we don’t appreciate this factor, but as a mum, all those fiddly bits are so blooming hard to keep together!

Beth from says that she wanted A Pretty Ballerina and decided two days before Christmas that she wanted it. Needless to say, she was a little disappointed when Christmas morning came and she didn’t get the one thing she asked for. Beth says she cried, on Christmas morning and her parents took her to the sales with her Christmas money to buy one, she also says they never let her live down her behaviour!

I can’t quite figure out why Susan’s,, parents wouldn’t buy her the Cabbage Patch Kid she desperately wanted for Christmas…it might have something to do with the fact she wanted to cut it’s leg off to send it to doll hospital! Sadly, Susan never got her doll and still kind of wants one.

Hayley from desperately wanted “a proper noisy drum kit”. Unsurprisingly, her parents said no every year and in a moment of teenage angst, she told them that they were “stopping me from being a worldwide star drummer”! Now that Susan is a parent herself, she says she TOTALLY gets it!

The Childhood Christmas Presents We Longed For at

Luckily for me, I sort of did end up getting my childhood dream gift in the end. Not quite a Mr Frosty, but not far off, my sister bought me a Hush Puppie kit. She knew that I’d always wanted one and I screamed when I opened it! I’m so excited to use it, I can’t wait to try it out! What was your childhood dream gift – did you ever receive it?

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