Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family - Under £10 at

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family – Under £10

Stockings are the first Christmas gifts that I get sorted. In order to save some money, I usually shop for Christmas stocking fillers throughout the year, picking up little bits and pieces in supermarket sales and pound shops. That normally covers the basics and then closer to Christmas I top them up with something more exciting and festive. I aim to have at least two or three presents per stocking, and then some nice chocolates and little gadgets to bulk them out a little bit. Now that we’re a family of four, I need to be more organised and frugal with the Christmas stocking presents, so this year I’ve made a gift list of Christmas stocking fillers that each cost less than a tenner.

All the prices mentioned are up to date as of November 2018.

This post contains affiliate links and some items have been gifted to me.

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family - Under £10 at

Adults Stocking Fillers For Under £10

Popaball Bubbles For Gin – £3.99

Gin is a huge trend at the moment. It sounds strange to say that a type of alcohol is an ‘in thing’, but with Briton’s buying over 47 million bottles in 2017, there’s no denying that it’s on quite a few people’s shopping lists. As it is such a popular drink, there are now loads of flavours and different ways to enjoy a G&T – a really fun one comes from Popaball. Simply pour yourself a glass of gin and add some of their blueberry and lemon flavoured bubbles. Suck them up through the straw provided and bite for a burst of flavour. Popaballs make a great addition and would make a great gift for the gin lover in your life.

The Pocket Book Of Craft Beer – £9.99

My other half is a huge craft beer fan but sometimes the choice is just too much, especially as the popularity of craft beer has exploded across the globe in the last few years. The Pocket Book of Craft Beer has information on over 50 different beer styles. Each category explains key characteristics of the styles, along with an example of a classic beer and a selection of new, similar beers for you to track down and try. The Pocket Book Of Craft Beer is also dotted with little nuggets of beer related trivia.

Christmas Scented Wax Melts – £1.50

These Christmas scented wax melts feature in my Best Home Scents For Autumn and Winter ‘18 post and there’s a reason they’re on the list. At the bargain price of £1.50 each, these wax melts smell amazing and last for ages. If you know a candle lover, a couple of wax melts and maybe even a wax melt burner, will make perfect stocking fillers.

The best seasonal scents for autumn and winter 2018 at

Carb Killa Bars – £2.49

Christmas is the time for over indulging, but after Christmas so many of us use the new year as an excuse to start new habits. Most commonly, people choose to improve their health and fitness levels, so popping a few Carb Killa protein bars in the stocking of your favourite fitness-fanatic-to-be could be a great way to kick start their new habits and keep them motivated throughout the dark January mornings. Carb Killa is a triple-layered deliciously crunchy low sugar high protein bar, with a crunchy texture. The bars are high in complete proteins, low in impact carbs and loaded with tons of fibre.

Coffee Flavour Variety Pack – £5

I would be thrilled to find this coffee variety 4 pack in my stocking this Christmas. As a huge coffee fan, I love a good flavoured syrup – my favourite being caramel. However, when Christmas comes around and the Red Cups are out in force, you can bet your right arm that I will be drinking all the seasonal coffees. This pack contains cinnamon, amaretto, peppermint and vanilla flavoured syrup – perfect to add to your favourite coffee on Christmas morning.

Teens Stocking Fillers For Under £10

BIC® 4 Colours Décor – £3.99

When I was a teen I was obsessed with stationery…well actually I still am, but I had a lot more use for it during my secondary school and college years. The BIC 4 Colours Décor pen was designed by 13 year old Evie Sherry and was chosen by the nation as the best design in the Design and Shine competition. The super colourful and vibrant design features black, blue, red and green ink in four medium 1.0mm ballpoints and the limited-edition pen can write for up to 8km. Pretty impressive, huh? If you’re not keen on that design, there are loads of other great BIC goodies available for stationery addicts, like these bits below!

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family - Under £10 at

Farmhouse Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chip Biscuits – £2

Who doesn’t love a little nibble in their stocking? These Farmhouse Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chip Biscuits from Wilko will make the perfect stocking filler for teens – if you can’t have biscuits for breakfast at Christmas, then when can you?

Birthday Date Books – 4 for £10

I remember wasting way my ICT lessons at school by Googling all sort of facts about what was happening in the world on the day I was born. I wanted to know what music was top of the charts, what famous people I shared my birthday with and other chunks of interesting info. Lots of people are curious about this information, so these date books from Papers Past would make great stocking fillers for teens, as well as adults. The 30 page hardback book is the perfect size for stockings and, at the moment, you can get 4 for £10 by emailing The people at Papers Past can get you a book for any day of the year, including Feb 29th.

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family - Under £10 at

Photo Bunting Set – £7

Being a teen is all about expressing yourself and surrounding yourself with the people you feel comfortable with and love. This photo bunting set is awesome and definitely something I would have loved in my stocking as a teenager. It comes with 8 photo frames (fitting 4×4 photos), 8 pegs and 180cm of string which you need to securely hang up. This could be a great addition to any teenage girls bedroom.

Kids Stocking Fillers For Under £10

Bahlsen Zoo Gluten Free Biscuits – £1.79

You can’t have a Christmas stocking without some yummy treats, right? These Bahlsen Zoo biscuits are gluten free and lactose free, meaning that children who are gluten or dairy intolerant can have an extra special treat in their stocking this year. Bahlsen boats that their factory is dedicated to being gluten free and that their biscuits are so good, you won’t even notice the difference. I think that makes them a great little stocking filler for kids.

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family - Under £10 at

Small Lego Sets – £4.99

Luke has a fair amount of Lego, but it’s only this year that he’s really started to get into it. He now collects kits, builds them and displays them all in his bedroom. He really loves these little Lego sets that normally cost around a fiver. They keep him busy for a fair amount of time and encourage problem solving. I also don’t mind buying them for him because building Lego gives us something fun that we can enjoy together – something that is especially important now that Oscar is with us.

Personalised Space Chocolate Bar – £4.99

If your child doesn’t have any dietary requirements to take into consideration, this personalised space chocolate bar from Born Gifted makes a superb Christmas stocking filler. The 100g foil wrapped bar of solid milk chocolate with special personalised sleeve, personalised with your child’s name would make a really exciting stocking filler for kids. There’s room for up to 12 characters for the child’s name and then room for two lines of personalised text on the back, each with 30 characters. It’s really bright and colourful, plus we all know that children love anything personalised.

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family - Under £10 at

Personalised Muslin Squares – £12 (over a tenner, I know!)

If you’ve got a baby, you’ll know how useful muslin squares are! These personalised squares from Able Labels are admittedly a little over £10, but they are so worth it. The back of three muslins are 100% cotton and can be personalised in a variety of different colours. They are a decent size, come packaged up in a lovely little bow and are wonderfully soft – just what you want when you consider they will spend most of their time in contact with your baby’s most sensitive areas of skin.

Shopkins Chef Club Figure Pack – £1.99

You simply cannot go wrong with collectables when it comes to children and one of the most popular franchises is, of course, Shopkins. There are over 85 colourful characters to collect, alongside 18 recipes. Bonus points: this cute figure Shopkins Chef Club Figure Pack comes with two Shopkins characters and a recipe card, all contained and kept safe in a sweet little jar.

After I’ve got these bits and bobs for our stockings, I will bulk out the stockings with a classic clementine and chocolate coins. You can’t go wrong with chocolate coins!

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family - Under £10 at

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