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The Right Balance: How Strict Should You Be When Schooling Your Dogs?

There are different ways to train a dog today. How animals are trained has changed over time because of a better understanding of the relationship between people and dogs. Today, there is a better understanding of how allowing permissive, less strict schooling can be beneficial when done with positive reinforcement. There are different dog types of training available at

Here are some things to know about training before any decisions are made final. They can train dogs using old-fashioned training manuals, positive reinforcements, or aversive stimuli.

Dog Training Changes

There was a time when dog training manuals were used by everyone. They used these manuals in the 1950s and they made very obedient dogs and set the goals for the dogs. They made it to show that people are the masters of dogs, and dogs will do what people want from them. That theory of the dog, person relationship has changed over the years. People do not try to be the masters of dogs; people want them for friendship, loyalty, and emotional safety that only dogs can give.

Positive Reinforcement

It is important to start puppy obedience training when they are young, and it needs to be consistent. Positive reinforcement has different training that can be used. There is the excessive eagerness that uses shock collars, yelling, and slapping for training. The shock collars are also used to penalize the puppy during training when they do not do something correctly or when they do something wrong.

There is also a type of puppy training called a false dichotomy. False dichotomy uses dog treats with the puppy, but it gives a treat to the puppy even if the puppy does not do the training correctly. It does not present the best clarity to the puppy when in training what it is and is not supposed to do.

Aversive Stimuli

Aversive stimuli is a way to train a puppy to either do or pay the consequence. It is negative training that is used to instil fear with the training. An example of this would be that if a puppy doesn’t do the command, they tie it outside or put it in the cage. This training is used more by incompetent trainers to force the puppy to change its behaviour.

Permissive Dogs

Permissive dogs are trained when they are puppies but still do things that are not what the old dog days would accept. These animals are happy and do simple things to bring themselves joy. Some of their entertainment is chasing a squirrel, pulling their toys apart, and tearing apart paper bags. Permissive dogs can find things to do to make themselves happy without many requirements from people. However, the dogs are doing what they want and they do not do everything that they were trained to do.

There are specifically made dog treats as a value treat for training. These treats are used to congratulate a dog’s success. If there is a behaviour that is not desired, train them to replace that behaviour. Try to make a routine for your dog so they know the pattern; get their habits to fit in the schedule and environment. Dogs also have fears that they need to overcome and once you help them overcome their fear, they lose the aggressive behaviours by desensitizing.

Dogs are to be fun friends to play with. Different types of training can be used with a puppy to teach them to be the desired dog. The training techniques that were used in the 1950s changed for a reason; people wanted companions. We use today’s treats and positive constructive training at dog training camps to help puppies learn. Dogs are great stress relievers to play a little rough with and just to take our minds off of everything else. Train them with positive stimuli, but let them have freedom and joy to share with you permissively.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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