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The Tips You’ll Need To Travel Long Distance More Often

Traveling is something we all love to do in our own little ways. Maybe you’re a fan of the staycation, or maybe you’re trying to get out there a little more often – of course, when you get the chance to safely travel in the near future. After all, long distance travel isn’t something we manage to do as often as we’d like to, and getting to explore the other side of the planet is a real privilege. 

Traveling long distances is, first, expensive, and second, often impractical. But when you know what you’re doing, and what to expect, it can be a lot easier on both you and your bank account! So let’s go through a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind, for any future long distance trips, below. 

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Pick Your Moment

If you’re going to be traveling a long distance in a much easier, more convenient way, you’re going to have to pick your moment just right. And that’s a lot easier said than done! Every single country has a different peak moment during the seasons, and both knowing when this is, and avoiding it, is key to making long distance travel a lot more spacious and peaceful.

Not only that, but we currently live in a world dealing with a pandemic, and knowing you’re traveling safely, and to a country you’re allowed to enter, is a lot harder to do. Staying up to date on and following all Government advice will ensure you don’t put a foot wrong here – checking the official .gov website is your one stop shop here. 

Most of all, make sure you’re personally comfortable to travel, and go such a long distance, before you agree to book anything. You need to be ready to face such a journey, and your mindset for it is the most important factor of all. 

Learn How to Pack Properly

Packing is something we all do a little differently, and all have our own opinions on it, but if you want to travel long distances on a more regular basis, you’re going to have to learn to pack light and handy.

Mastering the art of packing efficiently is key, especially if you aim to travel more frequently and for longer distances. While hard case luggage offers the advantage of durability and protecting your items during transit, it’s not the only option. For instance, a soft-sided suitcase can be more flexible, often featuring exterior pockets for easy access to travel documents or snacks. This type of luggage can adapt better to tight storage spaces like overhead bins. However, it might not provide the same level of protection against impacts as the hard case Eminent luggage serves as a protective shield, ensuring that even your most delicate items are secure during your journey. Balancing the need for space, accessibility, and protection can help you choose the right type of luggage, making your travel experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Additionally, what you wear to the airport or on the train is going to have to change – you need to be in comfortable clothing at all times.  If you’re someone who likes to look good wherever you go, at least make sure you’re wearing a good pair of broken in, comfortable shoes – it’ll save your feet in the long run! You can find a handy list of such shoes right here

Then we come to the bulk of the packing; how do you pack light when you’re going far and not sure what to expect? You take a generalised approach – make sure you stock up on undergarments with a few spares, take a charging cable and a handy power bank too, and take the military approach to fitting it all into one bag

Get Yourself a Permanent Place to Stay

Indeed, if you’re planning to regularly travel to a place further than you’ve ever been before, maybe it’s time to think about permanent accommodation. Even with a small or strict budget, this is a good idea, because house prices in other countries are often a lot friendlier than the prices in your own! It also works out in your favor in terms of making money too, as when you’re not using your home away from home, you can rent it out to other tourists who want a similar place to stay. 

In the long run, it’ll cut out your need to pay for hotels and catering, etc., and that could save you thousands on your holiday budget, which can be spent much more productively! 

Getting a good deal on a holiday home doesn’t have to be hard either. Keep an eye out for signs of deals in your prospective holiday destination; a headline like subang jaya house for sale could be exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s definitely a good indicator of the house prices in your dream holidaying area right now. 

Be Safe in the Way You Travel

Long distance traveling can often be seen as unsafe, simply because of how long it takes to get to your destination. Anything could happen in that time, and you need to be prepared for it. 

Trains are often considered to be the safest way to travel, with guards onboard, as well as very, very little chance of disaster occuring, and it’s much safer to open the windows as well! Whether you’re road tripping or taking a plane out there, make sure you pack items that’ll help to secure you and your loved ones; antibacterial wipes and hand gels, torches for the dark, keep a map around if you’re in a car, and make sure you’ve always got an extra snack or two on hand as well. 

Let Go More Often

And finally, if you’re someone who likes to follow an itinerary when traveling, and that’s why you don’t tend to go beyond a couple of countries over, it’s time to relax and let go a little. Because when you’re traveling long distances, anything can (and most likely will) happen! 

You’ll be held up, the flight will be delayed, it’ll be dark and cold when you get to your destination, etc., or you might not understand any of the signs or the conversations around you. And in these situations, you need to be able to loosen up, and take things in stride, and take the days one at a time. It’s the best way to travel, and it’ll certainly keep your peace of mind! 

Traveling long distances is something we all want to do more often, but how can we make it more convenient and enjoyable to do so? Well, with the tips above, we hope you’ll be on your way soon, in a safe and relaxed manner, even if that flight is going to take you 14 hours or more!

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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