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The Ultimate 7 Step Guide to Organizing the Perfect Baby Shower

Many individuals are clueless about organizing a baby shower. The key to executing a shower is planning, planning, and more planning. Here’s a guide to help first-timers plan the perfect baby shower.

#1 The Budget

Every event should start with a budget. How much money is available to pull off the event? Major components of the budget include the guest list, venue, decorations, and food. For example, it may be difficult to have 50 guests if the budget is $300. Indeed, the venue alone could cost $300. The mother-to-be may have to scale back the guest list.

#2 Catering

Catering is key to the success of all events. Initially, decide whether the guest of honor will want finger food or a full meal. The answer may depend on the budget or the shower’s theme. Time of day may also be a factor. A light lunch is a great idea for a shower held early in the day. Talk to a variety of caterers about your ideas. Businesses like Select Catering Services offer suggestions and samples of their best dishes.

#3 Theme

Most baby showers have a theme. The guest of honor probably has some ideas for a theme. On the other hand, she may know the baby’s gender. The theme can be something like A Prince is Coming if it’s a boy. Further, blue will be the color of choice for balloons and other decorations. If it’s a girl, try a ballerina or ladybug theme. The decorations and invitations should reflect the theme.

#4 Venue

The venue depends on several factors, including budget and the time of year. You wouldn’t want to have an outdoor shower if it’s likely to be cold. Once again, remember the mom-to-be. Does she have a favorite place? Would she prefer a shower at a restaurant or an event center? The ideal venue should have nearby parking to accommodate the guests. Likewise, make sure the facility has a kitchen for the caterer’s use.

#5 Invitations

It’s important to know the rules of etiquette about invitations. Baby shower invitations should be sent about six weeks before the event. Give guests plenty of time to buy gifts and make travel plans. The invitations should include the following:

·         Expectant parents’ names

·         Name of the host

·         Location of the shower

·         Time of the shower

·         Theme of the shower

·         Baby registry information

·         When and how to RSVP

The invitation should state whether the shower is coed or for women only.

#6 Favors

Express mom’s tastes and the shower’s theme with favors. Favors are used to thank the guests for coming. Use things from the shower as favors. For instance, give each guest the flower vase from a table. Gift bags containing delicious treats are also nice.

#7 Games

Games are expected at bridal showers. After all, the guests need to be entertained. A great idea for a coed baby shower is to have the expectant father and other male guests change a diaper. You’ll need three or four dolls and some diapers. The winner changes the diaper correctly in the shortest amount of time. The guests can draw a picture of the baby, and everyone votes on the best one.

Baby showers are a great tradition to welcome a precious life. Start with a budget and make sure everything fits into the plan. Make it a day the mother-to-be will never forget.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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