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Top 10 Affordable Etsy Christmas Gifts For Teachers

I am a self-confessed Etsy-addict! It’s probably my most loved store and my go-to place for special gifts and event pieces. Whether I’m planning a wedding or a kid’s birthday party, Etsy always does me proud! Because of this, I thought I’d share my top 10 Christmas gifts for teachers that are all available to purchase over on Etsy. 

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Buying gifts for teachers can be tricky, and oftentimes, parents don’t want to spend a fortune – especially when they have a huge variety of people to buy presents for. That’s why I have listed below some of the best Christmas gifts for teachers that are under £15. So, if you’re looking for something special that won’t break the bank, keep reading!

1. Scented Candles & Wax Melts

Nothing makes you feel more cosy on a chilly evening than lighting some beautifully scented candles or wax melts. Long-time readers will know that I have a very special connection to Cornwall. One of the things I love most about this little county is how many beautifully homemade crafts are made there. The Cornish Candle Gift Box is carefully assembled and beautifully packaged in Cornwall by a small business called Waves and Wilder. Choose from a variety of scents and pick your desired chocolate bar flavour when ordering, and you’ll receive this beautiful gift box, complete with a glass jar of matches. What more could a busy teacher want during their winter break than a beautifully scented soy candle and a yummy choccy bar?

Wax melts are a great option for people who like to add some variety to their lives. I personally love a good selection of wax melts, and Etsy has lots of fabulous sellers who work hard to create long-lasting, strong scents.

2. Teacher Travel Mugs

Whilst I’d love to say that teachers are probably far more organised and with it than I am in the mornings, I’m fairly sure that they, too, have to grab their coffee and run for the door. That’s why travel mugs make great Christmas gifts for teachers. They’re extremely affordable and they are a practical gift that you know your child’s teacher will get lots of use from, especially if they’re on playground duty!

There are so many gorgeous designs on Etsy to choose from, so it’s a case of picking the type of theme you think your child’s teacher would love the most. Personally, I really love the stainless steel Cosy Things Travel Mug, but if you’re struggling to find something to fit your teacher’s personality, why not opt for a personalised travel mug instead?

3. Staff Room Mugs

I think teachers must be powered by coffee. I mean, I definitely would be, wouldn’t you? If you think your child’s teacher deserves a new staff room mug as part of their Christmas gifts for teachers treat, check out this amazing Tiny Human Tamer mug.

I absolutely blooming love it! I’m definitely getting this one for Ozzy’s teacher this year. For teachers trying to tame less tiny humans, Etsy also has a great selection of niche subject mugs, such as this really funny History teacher mug (definitely a good one for secondary school teachers), and the fabulous Rainbow Penguin Collection mug featuring Penguin’s classic novels.

4. Keepsakes

Sometimes it takes the smallest of gifts to make someone’s life that little bit better. Our teachers work so hard during term time – and even outside of term time – so why not consider something special to remind them that they’re doing an amazing job?

One of my favourite Christmas gifts for teachers is a little keepsake. Not something that takes up too much room, but something small that they can smile at when they need a little pick-me-up. I really adore this personalised ceramic heart shaped keep sake that reads: Never forget the difference you make. Alternatively, why not pick something out that your child’s teacher can keep with them about their working day, like this Thank You For Helping Me Grow keyring, featuring a cute little Christmas tree charm?

5. Christmas Tree Decorations

Since we’re talking about the best Christmas gifts for teachers, it wouldn’t be right to leave out Christmas themed goodies! Etsy is, of course, one of the best places to shop if you are looking for personalised gifts, and when it comes to Christmas decorations, Etsy definitely has you covered. I love personalised Christmas tree decorations like this clear star Christmas tree decoration, or this personalised bauble tree decoration.

6. Stationery Supplies

When it comes to practical Christmas gifts for teachers, you simply cannot go wrong with stationery supplies! Stickers, notebooks, bookmarks, pens – you name it, Etsy’s got it! A few stationery supplies, like these Teacher Reward Stickers, a personalised notebook, or even some personalised pencils.

Additionally, Etsy is home to plenty of self-confessed stationery addicts who produce gorgeous accessories, such as key rings and pencil cases with teachers in mind. Look out for clever phrases and personalised stationery accessories, such as these gorgeous Days Of The Week File Organiser if you’re keen to create a little stationery bundle your child’s teacher will love.

7. Water Bottles

Teachers always encourage our children to sip their water bottles throughout the day to ensure they stay hydrated, but what about the educators themselves? Why not treat your child’s teacher to a brand new water bottle this Christmas? They’re very affordable, and practical, plus they make wonderful Christmas gifts for teachers. I really adore this Matilda Roald Dahl illustrated water bottle, featuring a gorgeous quote about the well-loved teacher character in the book, Miss Honey.

8. Chocolate Treats

When it comes to Christmas gifts for teachers, you simply cannot go wrong with chocolate and sweets! Chocolate is an easy, affordable gift that’s an all-round people pleaser, so why not spoil your child’s teacher this Christmas with some delectable goodies this year? For budget-conscious parents, I love these little sweet pouches that come with a cute, punny personalised sticker: I’m A Real Smartie chocolate gift. You also simply cannot go wrong with a classic hamper, which is why I think these Personalised Chocolate Bar Gift Boxes are absolutely brilliant!

9. Bags

Teachers have a lot to carry. From personal belongings, teacher stationery, and snacks, to classroom work that needs marking – there’s a lot to lug around each day. Why not make life a little easier for your child’s teacher by picking out a gorgeous bag to help store all the essentials? A strong, sturdy bag is ideal for teachers in secondary school who may be required to carry marking home often, so why not take a look at these bright and colourful rainbow jute bags from Etsy seller Stickerscape? Smaller bags are also an option, and I really love these gorgeous personalised rainbow tote bags that come in a variety of colours.

10. Simple Thank You Gifts

Sometimes, less is more. The festive season is about spreading joy, being thankful, and appreciating the hard work that teachers put into their jobs to ensure everything runs smoothly. I can only imagine how stressful November and December are in schools, with sales to host, topics to cover, play to rehearse for, and crafts to make for parents, sometimes a little gift can go a long way.

Take the time this year to simply say “Thank You” to your child’s teacher with some classic Christmas gifts for teachers that they will truly appreciate. After scouring Etsy, I have found some gorgeous, budget-friendly Thank You gifts that I think you’ll love:

Top 10 Affordable Christmas Gifts For Teachers From Etsy

Etsy is a great place to purchase Christmas gifts for teachers because it’s pretty much the home of personalised, thoughtful gifts. All of the gifts for teachers mentioned in this gift guide are under £15 – with many of them being around £5 or under. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to sort out Christmas for your children’s teachers this year, I truly do recommend taking a look at the items mentioned above, or having a browse through some of Etsy’s Editor’s Picks guides for Christmas!

What’s your favourite Christmas gifts for teachers idea from our post? I’d love to know your thoughts, so please feel free to drop a comment below.

**All images sourced from Etsy.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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