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Top Tips for Teaching Your Child About Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is hugely important for children, but our own kids won’t know of its importance just yet. It’s time to give our children the skills to be clean. Here are some top tips that this nursery school in Islington recommends.

Show them what can go wrong in not maintaining good hygiene

Bad hygiene is more than just yellow teeth and plaque build-up. It can cause serious damage to your health over time and putting the tools in place now will protect your child well into their adulthood. There can be serious impacts to the immune system if hygiene is compromised early on, so do the right thing and show them from a young age.

Brush teeth together

Make the hygiene experience enjoyable by brushing your teeth together! Cleaning your teeth is a valuable part of being hygienic and clean all the time and promotes good mouth health as well. Your child might feel reluctant to do this all the time, so if you both brush your teeth together you can make this experience a lot more enjoyable.

Visit the dentist regularly

Children should attend regular dental appointments; often times parents can dramatically improve a child’s anxiety levels surrounding these appointments by setting a good example and visiting the dentist themselves. Many dentists, such as Edinburgh dentist, Meadow Bank Dental Practice, have extremely empathetic and caring dental nurses that provide treatment for nervous patients.

By showing your child that there’s nothing to worry about when visiting the dentist, you are setting a foundation for good oral hygiene that they will take with them into adult life. This is also true for cosmetic dentistry procedures. As your child grows and becomes a teenager, it’s possible that they may require dental care beyond the standard check-up. If this is the case, consider taking a trip to this cosmetic dentist London residents highly recommend. These expert dentists can identify any potential issues and then perform all manner of complex cosmetic procedures in order to get your teen’s self-esteem back on track in no time at all.

Sing a song while you wash your hands

Proven a lot more important during the Coronavirus pandemic, singing happy birthday as you wash your hands was a good indicator or knowing how long to keep cleaning them for. It also makes the experience a lot more fun for kids, and they are getting used to following a routine of washing their hands before dinner, after using the toilet, and other examples.

Make a reward system

Giving your child a reward for doing well is a good way of reminding them of how to follow orders. Hygiene is a very important requirement for all of us to keep on top of, so it’s worth spending the time on a system that works for your child. For each time they wash their hands correctly they can have a gold star, which will go towards a treat at the end of the week.

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