black and white hardtail bike on brown road between trees
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Trips To Take With Your Bike in 2022

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If you’re hoping to get into biking in 2022 or you want to take your cycling skills to the next level, consider combining this year’s vacation with your love of all bikes electric. Check out this list of 10 bike-friendly places to vacation, and then start planning your trip.

Remember, if you’re traveling in 2022, you may need to look into your destination and research any requirements that need to be met post-Covid & Brexit. This is especially important when traveling overseas, regardless of whether you’re traveling with your bike, or jumping on an airplane. Make sure you are up to date with travel arrangements for 2022, so you don’t get caught out!

black and white hardtail bike on brown road between trees
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10 Bike-Friendly Vacation Sites to Check Out

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, should be at the top of your list. Make reservations in Teton Village, or set up a tent or camper in Grand Teton National Park. Then, enjoy the 15-mile ride to the stunning Jackson Hole or explore the other 56 miles of trails. This route provides plenty of scenic views over the Grand Teton Mountains and Snake River, but it’s also flat.

Utah’s Wasatch Over Wasatch Trail is the ideal location for bikers who are into intense rides. WOW Trail is only 9 miles long, but it climbs through Wasatch Mountain State Park, so the elevation gain is high. Enjoy views of pine and aspen trees, and take a break at the overlook over Heber Valley before heading back to Park City for the night.

California is famous for its biking destinations, but Robinson Canyon is still largely unknown. Situated in Carmel Valley, this 60-mile ride allows you to see redwoods and other stunning views.

If you have a few cruiser bikes for women to try out and you don’t like crowds, head to Marquette, Michigan. There are more than 40 miles of bike trails in the mountains around the town, but there are also trails on the coast of Lake Superior. 

Combine biking with wine tasting by vacationing in Solvang, California. This town has plenty of bike-friendly roads, as well as a large Danish cultural tradition.

If heading south is more your style, check out Key West, Florida. The town is small, but it’s the starting point for the 100-mile Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, is dedicated to building a biker-friendly city. Take advantage of over 50 miles of trails to see what Fayetteville has to offer, or use them to access Centennial Park.

Check out New England’s beautiful beaches and look out for whales by biking in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The city is small enough that you can bike to all the popular attractions on Commercial Street.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail is another great way to enjoy Northeastern biking. Stretching 25 miles, this trail’s elevation is gentle, and the path follows an abandoned railroad.

Finally, consider spending a few days cycling through Montreal. Check out the Lachine Canal, or ride your new bike through the center of town.

New Year’s Resolution Destinations You Won’t Regret

Some New Year’s resolution destinations don’t end up being satisfying. Thankfully, a biking trip allows you to get plenty of exercise while treating yourself to a vacation. This New Year’s, find a fat tire beach cruiser for sale and hit the trail.

Make the most of 2022 by planning a biking vacation to one of these 10 cities.

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