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Various Beauty Treatments to Help You Feel More Confident

A benefit of lockdown life this past year has been that it has enabled you to incorporate more beauty regimes into your daily routine, which is perhaps not something you did prior to lockdown life. This is particularly important when you are a mum, for your own mental well being, to ensure that you look after yourself just as much as you would for your little ones and partner. Ensuring you allow yourself some much needed ‘me time’ can help boost your confidence and ensure that your face and hair remain in optimum condition. 

So here are some examples of beauty and haircare treatments that you can include into your routine which can either be completed at home or carried out by a professional. You may read more here about the available solutions to accentuate your natural beauty.

Home Treatments 

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Daily Cleansing and Moisturising

Trying to incorporate a skincare routine which involves cleansing and moisturising your skin is important to keep it feeling fresh and healthy. Cleansing allows you to wipe away any impurities from your skin whilst the moisturiser provides some much needed hydration, which is lost throughout the course of the day. This is certainly the most basic routine you can add to your beauty regime. 

Unwanted Facial Hair

They always seem to pop up in the most awkward of places, whether it is under your chin, on your cheek or above your mouth. Instead of getting into the habit of plucking these stray hairs, it is much better to spend a quick relaxing session bleaching these hairs so they do not grow back thicker and stronger than before and will cover up the dark hairs appropriately. This will ensure it does not look like you are attempting to enter a beard growing competition. 

Return of the Blackheads

When you keep getting persistent blackheads they are particularly annoying, as they always seem to return. At least twice a week, after showering, which enables the pores to open up, apply a deep cleansing nose strip to remove the blackheads. This will enable you to keep on top of the build up and remove the excess oils. 

Alternatively you could use an electronic blackhead remover which gently sucks away any dead cells and blackheads from your face, leaving it feeling more refreshed and oil free. 

Dark Spots Be Gone

If you have ever found yourself feeling self-conscious over your complexion due to age spots, liver spots, or sun spots, you may benefit from a dark spot treatment. There are some great Dark Spot Diminisher reviews out there that will help you to choose the best treatment for you.

Professional Treatments 

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Eyebrow Shaping

Your eyebrows are an important feature of your face as they help frame your eyes and allow you to demonstrate different facial expressions. If you struggle with your brows at home, you may want to consider using Brow Enhancing Serum to create thicker, fuller, more defined eyebrows. When it comes to shaping your brows, it can sometimes be difficult to pluck them both equally, or you might find you have the tendency to over pluck them. Opting for eyebrow threading allows a beautician to shape your brows accurately with a long thread that lifts the hairs directly from the roots. It is a procedure that is easy to complete and does not require any chemicals so a simple and effective way to shape your brows nicely. 

Eyelash Extensions

Your eyes are a key feature of your face, along with your eyebrows. If naturally your lashes are quite short and fair, it could be worth seeing a cosmetologist who would be able to apply lash extensions to your current eyelashes. This would prevent you from having to tint them as the dye can affect the natural moisture that is present in your lashes. It would also mean you would not need to worry about glueing on fake eyelashes every time you wanted to go out to create a fuller effect on your eyes. 

Eliminate Those Annoying Fine Lines

If you are thinking of getting rid of those pesky forehead wrinkles and lines under your eyes that will not go away then perhaps opting for a non invasive facelift is the ideal option. There are only so many creams you can try to get rid of these annoying lines on your face that seems to age you by about ten years. 

Facial Acupuncture

A more natural and non invasive method to gently tone up the muscles in your face is through facial acupuncture. It is a method which has been utilised in Chinese medicine for decades, which involves a professional gently inserting needles around your face. Once they are pushed into your skin it encourages your body to react to this by repairing this area with more blood flow and an increase in collagen, which provides your skin with more elasticity.This will then help eliminate any wrinkles and provide your skin with a more natural looking glow by attending several sessions. 

Chemical Peeling

If you want a method that will ultimately remove all the excess dead skin cells on your face then a Chemical Peel could be an option. It involves applying a layer of chemical solution to your skin, which is then peeled off. This then exposes a new layer of skin underneath that is newer and free from wrinkles. There are three types of chemical peels that can be carried out by a professional which are either superficial, medium and deep. This relates to the time of treatment that is required, with the superficial option only lasting a few minutes and the deep one taking up to 30 minutes.  

Hair Care

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Having good, healthy looking hair can certainly boost your confidence as well as feeling good about your skincare routine. At least once a week it is a good idea to apply a leave in nourishing hair mask in order to replenish your hair. Excessive dryness can lead to hair breakage and damage when brushing, so ideally you want to avoid this by making sure you nourish it. Excessive hair washing can also lead to dryness as well so depending on the length of hair you have and the type, it might be worth considering the following recommendations on frequency of hair washing. 

  • Thick hair – Once a week
  • Coily hair– Once a week
  • Dry or damaged hair– Every 5 to 7 days
  • Wavy or curly hair– Every 4 to 5 days 
  • Fine or thin hair – Every other day
  • Oily hair – Everyday 

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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